Most shocking incident faced at GoDaddy

I won a domain from GoDaddy Auctions in March 2019 and somehow forgot to enter into my purchase records. The same day I won another 4 domain auctions which I noted except this one. Since I didn’t note down at my end, I forgot that I should’ve that domain in my account. Because I didn’t add that domain in my records, I even forgot to see that GoDaddy even refunded back the money in the same month into my account which was used for some other purchases because buying domains and incoming refunds is usual when I’m buying in quantity every now and then.

Fast forwarded to 18th January 2022, the domain was suddenly transferred into my account. I checked my records and didn’t find the domain was transferred to me. It was shocking to see that they delivered the domain after 3 years.

Now the real problem started when they transferred the domain into my account after 3 years. The domain remained in my account for the NEXT 30 DAYS and then GoDaddy suddenly took it back on 16th February 2022! This was a huge mess done from GoDaddy because what if this domain was SOLD by me and transferred to the buyer in their GoDaddy account? I already listed the domain with Afternic and Sedo and put up the BIN as well.

But because I didn’t notice that they’d already refunded me back in March 2019, I then called the GoDaddy Premier Services and the guy on call sent me a refund email notification on my request because I told him that I didn’t receive it back then. Also he told me where can I find the refund under my account which I received back in March 2019 in “Good As Gold” credit. Since I didn’t receive any refund email notification at that time, I never knew about it and I made a mistake of not following up for the domain as I keep buying a lot of domains and somehow missed this one.

I contacted my GoDaddy rep and he forwarded my issue to the concerned department and Karen L. Newbury informed me casually that the domain was activated in my account by mistake and she apologized for this issue. I told her that you’ve to understand the seriousness of this issue. What if the domain was sold in those 30 days and I had completed the transaction unknowingly that the domain is not actually mine!? Complete silence from her for the last 9 days even though I sent her a reminder to get back to me with an answer.

How can GoDaddy be so irresponsible and have such a careless attitude towards this serious issue.

I explained to her that suppose this domain was sold by me and I would’ve received the money and then your company would’ve taken back the domain from the new domain owner which would have tarnished my reputation because the buyer can claim the domain was stolen and sold to them which wouldn’t be the case in real.

This shows that GoDaddy may transfer your domain to someone else’s account so make sure you keep a good check on your account of domain movements.

I’m very upset with how they handled it completely right from the time domain was transferred to my account to not responding to my detailed explanation to them.

Feel free to give your feedback and/or if something similar has happened with you in the past?

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9 months ago

This is really complicated and could tarnish your reputation, which is the fault of Godaddy. They don’t seem to care with their silence .

Look at the gap from 2019 to 2022,it shows you Godaddy is irresponsible and could care less and act as they like they do.

9 months ago

Keep your records on your own. Another proof. It takes a line of code to make a very big mistake even within the worlds biggest registrar

9 months ago

I try not to use GoDaddy because of endless issues and here is one. A couple years ago I tried to transfer a domain out to another registrar because of the afore mentioned. They refused to give me a transfer code and kept giving me all these lame reasons. I thought, could they actually be doing all this so I need to renew with GoDaddy as the domain was ripe for renewal but had not expired. Finally, I gave up and they renewed the domain. I guess a year later they renewed it again and I did not notice. A… Read more »

9 months ago

Godummy does care about people. When it became public that was it or the downfall of company. Namecheap taking the lead again making a statement today. Godummy not doing anything sitting back and worried about bottom line.

9 months ago

so are you going to move all your domains from the Afternic/GD marketplace now since you got shitty experience from GD?

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
9 months ago

isn’t afternic owned by GD and when you call support about afternic, you get that shitty customer service again from GD.

Zubair Amin
9 months ago

This is really strange to me. They must upgrade their support/staff.

8 months ago

Thanks for sharing Abdul,
It’s a serious matter, the problem would have been yours, I don’t think Godaddy would have been responsible, he hasn’t fully responded either now.

7 months ago

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