Transfer the domain to me because your domain has no active website!

Transfer-the-domain-to-me-because-your-domain-has-no-active-website!Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,
Couple of days back I received an email for one of my domain which I recently acquired and is currently parked at I laughed at the message and thought who will be the crazy person to follow his instructions. Below is the entire email and I have just changed the domain name.
“Dear Abdul Basit,

My name is Jerome and I am setting up a new website that I would like to name:

I noticed that you are the owner of this domain but there is no active website. Therefore, I would like to know if you could kindly release it.

I will of course reimburse you one year of domain fee.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regards,

How to release a domain name

Note: The following steps assume that you have accessed the Control Panel for the domain name to be renewed.

To non-renew your domain name:

  1. From Manage my Web site, click Domain Manager.  If prompted, log in.
  2. Locate the domain name to be renewed, click the Actions drop-down menu, and select Renew/Cancel. If you do not find the domain name to be renewed on the initial screen, click the Up or Down arrows to navigate to the desired domain name.  Note: If the domain name selected is the only domain name on a Shared Web Hosting account, the non-renewal of the domain name does not constitute the non-renewal of the web hosting account. Domain names are separately billed from web hosting accounts. The reverse also applies. If you cancel a web hosting account that has one or more domain name registrations attached, this will not constitute the non-renewal of your domain names.
  3. If you intend to close your web hosting account, follow the directions found in the 30-day Renewal Notice. You may also close your account from the My Account Options link in the Control Panel.
  4. Click to select No, release this domain name for public registration, then click Continue.  Note: By choosing the non-renewal of a domain name, the domain name in question is removed from the Domain Manager Tool. This removal means that we will not post a renewal request when the renewal is due. The domain will simply expire with the Registrar and applicable registry. If you had purchased private registration for this domain, your private registration will not renew either. The status of your private registration when you chose to non-renew the domain name is carried through to the end of the registration.
  5. Click Finish.

Prior to the release of the domain name for others to register, you will receive a Deactivation Notice. This notice is sent as a reminder that the domain name has been deactivated. The Deactivation Notice means the domain name has been removed from our channel and has been rendered inactive on the Internet. If you do decide to renew at this point, you should contact us immediately so we can attempt to renew the domain name for you. Do keep in mind there is no guarantee that we can renew a deactivated domain name.”

When I didn’t respond to his initial email, today I received second mail from him:

“Dear Abdul Basit,

Could you please have a look at my email and let me know if you are keen to release the domain

As mentioned in my previous email I noticed that there is no active website with this named so I hope that it will be ok for you to release this domain.

I will of course reimburse you one year of domain fee.

I hope that you will consider my request and hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks.
Best Regards,


He was so kind to offer me one year of renewal or reg fee which he thinks I am currently unable to pay! 😀

Have you received similar email for one of your domains? I personally don’t think this guy can be successful in getting any domain by using this cheap method.

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6 years ago

i dont receive this kind. but get so many 50usd offers nowadays.

Andrea Paladini
6 years ago

AbdulBasit, that’s really funny! 🙂 I’ve got these type of offers as well … once the head of marketing of a French company offered me 10 EUR (12$) because “this domain has been registered recently” … LOL! The domain in question is a category defining .com. What then about all premium domains purchased through backorders? … aren’t they newly registered? haha, silly people … they always try these kind of tricks … A few times I was also offered a payment “in kind” for a domain … for ex. once I was selling a name related to “English courses”, and… Read more »

6 years ago

I wonder if rental property investors get this kind of stuff.

Dear Sir,

I noticed that you are not occupying the address at 110 Broad St. I wish to locate my store there and kindly request that you hand over the keys since it is an unused address. I’ll gladly reimburse you for the cost of mailing the keys.

Dr. I. B. Dumbass Jr

6 years ago

I got someone offered me 30 cents through my broker from

My broker response back: ‘You must be new on domain names. Please refer “.

Paul H
6 years ago

Just reply back saying that you are more than happy to transfer the domain to him, once he pays the ‘one year of domain fee’ of $15k 🙂

Zaki Ahmed
6 years ago

But Darker side of such emails are, to trick the Domainers into believing in innocence of the end user, so that they can have a low ball deal.

Also, good that you have mentioned the email, now google will index it.. and if this is fake innocent user, he cannot use such template of emails now on.

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