Uniregistry App now on Android

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Yesterday I received an email from Uniregistry as they announced Android App for users who were dearly waiting for it to be released. I just downloaded and used the app for a while and found it fantastic. No problems whatsoever as of now. I am sure there will be many more features coming into app in future but for now it looks great to me. I strongly suggest for Android users to install this app and give it a go.

Do more on the go.
We can’t always be in front of our computers.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a bite-sized
version of Uniregistry to go? It’s here, it’s
beautiful, and it’s totally available for Android.
We suggest you grab it pronto, it’s pretty special.

app store
Seriously secure
Losing your phone is always a
possibility. Would you really want
to risk losing your domain
portfolios as well? All Uniregistry accounts can have
two-step verification enabled.
Double the security, double the
peace of mind, double the
Search like a pro.
Search by price, availability,
extension, or just search premiums.
Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll
help you find it. Filter the wheat from the chaff, and
do it all while wandering to get
your next coffee. Who said domaining
had to be difficult?
Payments just work.
You’re with Uniregistry. Easily
access your payment profile right
there in the app, add a few more,
sort out your renewals, and of
course quickly register new domains. It’s all right here.
Manage everything.
If you can do it on the web, you should be
able to do it while walking down the street,
and as easily as riding a bike. Forward, renew, add name servers, change
privacy settings, remove name servers— heck,
add an MX record over breakfast. Do it all
here. Everything you need is included.
Download it now for Android.

app store

Feel free to comment below once you have used and your feedback will surely be helpful for the app users and developers.

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4 years ago

Hi Abdul.
Please share your thoughts on how do you track visitors at Uniregistry. I can only see in the Reporting Tab the whole amount of visitors and the number of clicks received. And I’m unable to see the detailed report indicating which domains are more popular, how many clicks they received, countries, earnings and so on. All in one place like Sedo does.


4 years ago

[…] Uniregistry App now on Android […]

Eric Lyon
4 years ago

Nice! Gotta love it when a great registrar comes out with a great app. As Andy pointed out though, it would be nice to see some added features in the next version when it’s released.

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