I got my first payment from DomainNameSales.com aka InternetTraffic.com

I have joined DomainNameSales.com aka InternetTraffic.com platform at the end of last year. I received my payment of November 2012 which was just over US$200. I wasn’t aware of the payment I received because there is no payment history page at DNS and I asked their support for this feature. I got positive answer from their end as they will be integrating in near future which is really good news.

DomainNameSales aka InternetTraffic

At least I can know when my payment was issued and when I can expect to receive it. Although I told them to hold my payment until I give them green signal but they said “We do not hold payments that are above our payout threshhold as we cannot be acting as a bank nor hold significant liabilities on our balance sheet.”

It would be great if they add an option for us to select the minimum payout option like US$500, US$1,000, etc. As everyone can see their new layout with lot of features and upgrades I am sure a lot more is on the way…

Have any of you received the payout from DomainNameSales.com aka InternetTraffic.com platform yet? Care to share the payout range you got?

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6 Responses to “I got my first payment from DomainNameSales.com aka InternetTraffic.com”

  1. chandan says:

    is it paypal or wire ?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      I have selected wire. However, in the past the minimum payout was US$500. Recently they have made some changes… Once you log in to your IT account, click Settings you will see this message:

      “The minimum earnings to be paid is currently $100. You may receive payment either by Wire Transfer or by Paypal.”

  2. sheraz says:

    Is it free or any charges for receiving through wire?
    how many days it take for wire money to be deposited in your bank?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      They don’t charge anything for sending through wire but the intermediary bank charge me normally $40 and my bank deducts $35-40 for each wire.

      Normally it takes 3-4 business days to reach my bank account once DNS releases the funds. And I tell you one thing, they send your funds right on time.

  3. Sonic Names says:

    I am happy DNS parking results. But I am still waiting for payment for Aug 2015 which is above the minimum. I have set paypal as my option. But Not yet received payment.

    1) Have anybody got Payments for Aug?
    2) Is there any option to see the payment ?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      According to their website:

      “The minimum payment for wire transfers is $250.
      The minimum payment for Paypal is $100.

      Payments are Net 30.
      There is an approximate 30-day gap between the end of a month and the date you are paid for that month’s earnings. For example, if you earn $500 in the month of December, we will issue payment for December’s earnings at the end of January. Likewise, January earnings would be paid at the end of February, and so on.

      Payments are issued once per month.
      We pay at the end of the month only. We will not initiate a mid-month payment as soon as your earnings exceed the minimum.

      Paypal payments will incur a fee.
      This is subtracted from your earnings by Paypal and varies based on the amount and your account’s geographic location. We are unable to use MassPay, as Paypal has not made it available to the countries in which ITC banks.”

      1) Yes, they have sent my funds yesterday and I am hoping to receive by tomorrow in my bank.

      2) There is no way to see the past or recent payouts on their website.

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