Hurry up as domain might be dropping! and Assalamo Alaikum,

Take it easy yeah. I know you must be wondering how domain can be dropped. But 10 people think it’s going to drop in future! The interesting thing is these bids are at itself! Simply visit this link and see by yourself 😉

I was going to type some other domain which I wanted to backorder but somehow typed NameJet and it made me laugh. What on earth those people think this domain be dropping in their lifetime? This made me curious to check some other top company names like which has 11 bids with highest offering so far $99. at $150 with 27 bids!

I got some more interesting one’s listed below: at $1,000 with 20 bids. at $80 with 15 bids. at $1,000 with 54 bids. at $350 with 19 bids. at $1,000 with 27 bids.
Dubai at $100 with only 15 bids. Quite cheap starting bid yeah 😉

Although none of them will be dropping in any of our lives reading this post and surely not after that as well. I wonder why people waste their time in placing their bids for such domains giving themselves false hope of getting top quality domains by playing waiting game.

So did you find this post interesting? Any other domains you see with more bidders and prices? Feel free to comment 🙂

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4 Responses to “Hurry up as domain might be dropping!”

  1. Tauseef says:

    I think these bids maybe placed by the employees/managers of respective big organizations. So, that if accidentally it gets deleted (99.99% sure it won’t happen)they may get notified through Auction houses. Also, see, it doesn’t look good if top names have no bids. 🙂

  2. AbdulBasit says:

    Lolllz. That would be shocking to see if any of those name gets dropped by any mean. Surely all these bids are from noobs who have dreamed of making millions by snapping and selling back to the Microsoft 😀

  3. tik5 says: shows 2 drops and we know how much it sold for!

    So atleast we can dream. 🙂

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks for commenting tik5.

      I agree about drops but you are too optimistic 😉
      That was early 90’s and in this era such domains are not possible to be dropped. Although we rarely see great domains go through PendingDelete cycle but I doubt similar caliber of getting drop.

      But yes, we can dream 😉

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