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I was accepted by last month and since than I have been parking my domains with them. The results are awesome. I have tried several parking companies but this one is best. They provide each day’s report after 24 hours and not real time or hourly basis. It is very difficult to get accepted so make sure you are sending them your best domains to get approved.

I have compared between Voodoo, and Bodis but InternetTraffic is paying a lot more. My revenue has went up over 200%. I am receiving more inquiries than ever and traffic has jumped as well. One thing is clear that some additional traffic is coming from the platform where people type in the keyword they are looking and they find your domain. I am so sure about this because if you go to your DNS Inquiries/Archive page you will see icon which says dns-search.

There are some important things to be noted which I have got from their terms and conditions:

“a. ITC will pay such commission by wire transfer in U.S. currency only, thirty (30) business days after the end of each calendar month for all commissions earned by Publisher for which ITC has actually received payment from its licensors and suppliers during the prior month less any amount ITC determines, in its sole discretion, was not validly earned from proper use of any of Publisher’s websites or any Domain Names, including, without limitation, as described in the “Abusive, Inappropriate or Invalid Traffic” section below; and

b. Payment by ITC will be issued by wire transfer and ITC’s wire transfer charges will be paid by ITC, and any intermediary or bank charges from the Publisher will be at the Publisher’s expense. ITC is not responsible for the acts, omissions, failures or policies of any financial institution involved in any financial transaction involving ITC and Publisher.

2.2 No payment to Publisher will be issued for any amount payable to Publisher that is less than five hundred (US $500.00); and such unpaid earnings will be held until the next payment date after the month in which the total amount due is accumulated to at least five hundred dollars (US $500.00).”

Have you been accepted by What’s your feedback and results so far? Shoot your comments who are already using their system from long time since I am very new to their platform.

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