I just sold another .net domain name for US$2,000

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If you check this week’s DnJournal sales chart you will see one more successful sale of .net domain (Amazonia dot net) for US$2,000. It wasn’t a big deal though but still good considering it was a .net domain.

The buyer contacted me directly. Must have got my ID through WHOIS. Their initial offer was US$150. I countered with 3k. Than came 1.5k offer and finally we agreed at 2k.

I strongly suggest those domain owners who simply reject and never respond to lowball offers. It’s always good to communicate with the potential buyer. You can also try to educate them if they have no idea about the current domain market. They may have budget so you should at least reply to their query once.

I know most of the time we don’t get response back after the initial email from the potential buyer so that’s different story. We guys also receive lot of spam and I am sure many of the domain owners can differentiate which is legitimate inquiry compare to the spam one.

Any one like to give feedback on my sale? Would you like to share your latest sales?

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Jason Thompson
8 years ago

Congrats Abdul! I agree that responding to lowball offers is extremely important. You just might be leaving money on the table if you end up ignoring an offer because it appears to be low.

Mike at Domainaddress.info
8 years ago

Nice sale!

Adi Weitzman
7 years ago

This is a great sale! I sold a domain name last month. It was a .org and it was LLLL.org name. It wasn’t anywhere near the amount above but it was for a not for profit organization and I lowered the price because I wanted to do a good thing for someone who deserved it. Great sale Amazonia.net is a wonderful name!

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