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Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As many of you are aware of Frank Schilling that he is always coming up with something new and exciting. Today when I logged into my Uniregistry account, I found Expiring Tracker for which I wanted to share with you and how it can be helpful:





Track and monitor all of your domain names from one place with Expiring Tracker.

  • Monitor domains in your entire portfolio, whether at Uniregistry or other registrars.
  • Get a quick overview of what domain is expiring where and when.
  • Transfer domains directly to Uniregistry with a click of a mouse.

Tracking your domains couldn’t be easier.

  • Add any domains that you wish to track under the ‘Edit’ tab.
  • Any domains you have registered with Uniregistry will automatically show in the tracker.
  • Click the ‘Filter’ tab to bring up the filtering options.
  • Choose from a wide variety to refine your results.
  • You can also filter by registrar and transfer status.

Expiring Tracker from Uniregistry.comSelect Edit and “Add domains to Tracker” option for entering the domains manually as per your choice. Doesn’t require you to enter only domains which are owned by yourself. This is really a great tool for tracking any domains you wish to which will help you watching them closely and see if you can grab once they drop or auctioned off at any auction house.

Expiring Tracker from

You can also set preference by selecting “Send Weekly Report email” which will help you to review which domains to renew and drop on weekly basis.
I will be using this tool and let me know your feedback on this if you like to share something about it.

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6 years ago

This has been out for months, Domain Tracker

Frank Pavilonis
Frank Pavilonis
6 years ago

We have actually modified the domain tracker to show the domains that are also in Uniregistry. That is the difference.

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