Domain sold last year by Michael Berkens for $35,000 got dropped and re-sold for $5,755

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s an interesting story I was following up since the domain was dropped and caught by NameJet to be auctioned off. The domain name in question is which was sold last year by Michael Berkens for $35,000 and for some reason it got dropped and NameJet caught that one.

Domain sold by Michael Berkens for $35,000 last year got dropped and re-sold for $5,755




I was in that auction and gave the highest very close to the highest bid but didn’t won it. However, I could see Michael Berkens and many other domainers were into that auction but the winner was someone else with bidding alias “ahi”. Currently the domain is under privacy and details cannot be revealed. The auction ended last night.

Quite surprising to see that sold last year for 35k and getting dropped next year itself.

Have you seen any high priced domain dropping so quickly in time?

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6 years ago

Nice find! 🙂

6 years ago

What an amazing bit of trivia on this one.

Great Piece of information.

It is quite surprising how this name was abandoned by the last owner, after buying it for $35k.

This business has endless possibilities..and paradoxes too. 🙂

Thanks Bhaiya,

Bona Vee
6 years ago

…an accident, of course! Well, one of those things.

4 years ago

How does a domain name get dropped from an owner ?

Is it that once you buy a domain name, you have it registered in your name and you need to keep renewing the registration every year to keep it in your name. Otherwise you lose the ownership and your investment goes to waste ? Wow. That means you have to be very careful in renewing on time.

Is my understanding correct ?

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