Parking revenue for June 2014 and other updates

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I am always doing test and trial with my parked domains by changing the categories/sub-categories and see if the revenue increases. Most of the time I face decline which is not an issue because this is how we all learn and gain good/bad experiences. Last month June 2014 was the same case where the revenue dropped compare to the month of May 2014. Below is some of the parking stats which might be helpful to you in some way…

Total visitors – 95,000+

Total clicks – 4,900+

Total parked domains – 675

Total revenue – $630

Top niche which made the most – Games

$$ made on a single day – $65

RPM – $6

If you have checked the May 2014 revenue than you must have noticed that even after adding around 25 domains the revenue still dropped. As you know my goal is to reach $1,000 in parking revenue and that time I must be having 1,000 domains under my belt which means I am aiming to make $1 per domain every month on an average.

So looking at the above figures, I am behind my target and needs to keep the number of domains and revenue to be the same. Won’t mind if the revenue increases against the number of domains in my portfolio 😉

On the other side, I have been parking max 5 domain with Bodis and received an announcement from them which I thought to share with you.

“We are excited to announce that, starting this July, we will be processing our users’ payments even faster than before. As you know, we are constantly trying to improve our platform and our service. Therefore, we have decided to spend additional resources to process user payouts on our new NET 7 payment terms. That means that you will be paid out even faster from now on – in just one week after the end of a month.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are. If you have any questions regarding this change, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bodis Support at


The Bodis Team”

I think it’s good news for domainers who are using Bodis as their primary parking platform. Nothing big for me as I have parked very few domains with Bodis because they are banned by Google and doesn’t pay that well for those names. Although they promised to make changes in future but I haven’t tried to park those domains at DNS recently. If any of you have parked Google banned domains with DNS and seen spike in revenue just let us know.

That’s it for now. Feel free to post a comment or suggestion if you have any. I will happily take it 🙂

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6 years ago

Thanks again for sharing insight about parking revenue.

Yeah nice to see Bodis is going Nett 7 Days, which shows there seriousness to stay competitive in parking business

You can add which niche generally get good CPC and which niche generally gets good CTR.

All the Best for Coming Month, to surpass target of 1,000 US $


Andrea Paladini
6 years ago

First of all, congrats for your nice results! 🙂
Just a few things on your stats: IMHO click-through (approx 5%) and RPM (6$) are quite low, I guess it depends on the relevancy of your links vs your domain keyword and on the “sector mix” of your domains.
But you’ve got some nice traffic, 95k uniques for 675 domains 🙂
Just my 2 cents though 😉

Paul H
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing AbdulBasit.
I see that from May there was a very big drop in the number of visitors, from 110k to 95k.
Do previous year stats show a similar visitor drop off from May i.e. is this just a seasonal drop-off which picks up again after the summer months?

6 years ago

My maths is telling that you’re not paying anything for renewals. That’s Great!

6 years ago

I think it works if we buy names from the funds acquired through selling names and renewing names from the funds of parking revenue.

6 years ago

You’re right, most of the newbies think they can start Domaining with few 100’s and not grands. And in the process end up accumulating domains that doesn’t sell. Few grands is important to pick domains from aftermarket.
What decent figure would you like to put as a guide to an initial investment in domaining? Also, about competition, I think the new gTLDs have also bought new Domainers into the picture.

P.S: If I’m going off the topic you can start a fresh post and we may continue this discussion.

6 years ago

That is a very valuable piece of info. Lets say at 5k split between 200s and 500s domains each one may have 12-15 domains in his/her portfolio. Then, what one should do next and how long it will take to recover and make profit from this investment.

6 years ago

Hi Abdul,
If you can give us breakup of top 5 niche for you, that will help us to understand.

BTW, which is your primary parking platform?

6 years ago

Thanks for your quick response Abdul. Would like to ask one different question. I am new to Domain Investing business. I would like to know about the size of portfolio one needs to have to be considered by

I tried to register with them, but they rejected me saying my portfolio is small. BTW i have around 50 domain names.

Your response would be highly appreciated.

6 years ago


Abdul, thanks for postingthese updates

but can u share some tips on getting domain names with trffic, so we could put them in domain parking

if you are too generous 🙂

6 years ago

Just wondering, which company is for you guys the best? Which gives the best parkingrevenue? Bodis? Smartname? Sedo? Best regards Lisa

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