How to land your email in inbox with maximum chances

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

When I used to contact potential buyers in the past to sell my domains, I tested a lot of things. From changing subject line to message and took lot of time to see which experiment works best. The challenge was not only to write proper subject line and message to send but one more important thing which many domain sellers don’t bother is to make sure that email lands in potential buyer’s inbox all the time.

What I learned over the years and what I wanted was to maximize getting the response back from potential buyers. No matter the response being in “not interested” type messages but the thing was to get the response which always kept me going forward.

Some time back I have already shared sales pitch letter which shows what type of emails I used to send to endusers but today I wanted to share what I used to do in order to maximize the chances of getting the email get landed in *inbox* instead of spam/junk folder.

Simply change the text a little in every next email which will maximize the chances of your email to land in inbox.

Let’s suppose many times you know the person or domain owner you are contacting is John Smith so instead of just writing Hello, you can write Hello Mr. John Smith, which will not only bring his attention towards reading your email but at the same time increasing the chances of getting the email landing in inbox because the filters/system checking for automated emails with same text may put you in trouble by getting your email account banned or email ends up in junk/spam folder.

By doing those 2 things you made the potential buyer read your email with more interest as he will think you know him somehow and that’s why you have contacted him by calling his name. Also your email gets landed in inbox.

You must be thinking what if I don’t know the person name and message being repeated so the best way is to change the domain name of potential buyer in every next email you send. For example, if you check sales pitch letter I have shared in past, you will see that I have written “We thought your company might take an interest in buying it.” So in every email, you may change the company domain you are contacting and that will make every new composed email different from each other. And by adding person name at the top will make it even better in case you came to know whom you are contacting.

I have tried this method and gave me the best results. Make sure you are trying to sell the domain is having at least some potential. Otherwise no matter how good sales pitch letter you write, you won’t be able to sell the domain.

Feel free to comment, share your feedback and suggestion if any.

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Muhammad Owais
Muhammad Owais
4 years ago

Thanks for the share Abdul Basit. Nice read. I have a question that most of the times end users are using paid email services like, and so on. So isn’t it safe to just forward the email without any changes as the domains and servers are different? and you send email only once to those servers / domains…

In case of free email services like gmail etc we must make changes as you suggested because you are now sending emails to a lot of gmail/hotmail/yahoo email addresses….

Hope you understood my question 🙂

4 years ago

Thanks for shearing. My question is on how to get the email.of the end user because most of the emails found in whois are in most cases the webmaster’s emails.

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