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Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Recently I closed a sale at with the help of a broker and I was impressed to see the creativity used by the DNS team.

Once the domain sale was over, the broker sent the below image to the buyer followed with some best wishes for this new acquisition. I really liked the idea and thought to share this with you. This can be helpful in making some more sales with the same buyer and to show good gesture.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you sincerely for your recent purchase of
As a company, we hope that we provided you with the best service and that your new domain name brings you much success.”

I always like to keep in touch with the sellers from whom I buy domains privately as there is always a chance of striking another deal with that person in future. Once you have bought the domain privately, don’t just think it’s done and dusted. Try to keep in touch and you never know what’s new opportunity is coming your way.

How do you think about this idea?

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Mike H
Mike H
6 years ago

How are you sending inquiries through to their brokers?

Do you just do it in your user panel – Assign/Forward and then choose them as the brokerage?

The last couple of times I’ve done that on what seems like good leads I’ve heard nothing back. Not even that they’ve received my lead.

6 years ago

i did also liked this very much. Domaining is lucky to have a genius like Frank in this industry. They add something every each day.


6 years ago

Hi Abdul,
Good to keep reading from you.I want to ask if you do more back ordering or you still check on expired domains and then register them.I am interested in knowing more how you go about it as I am ready to put in low $xxx weekly in this business.You can mail me directly for more tips.

6 years ago

Congrats for the sale. The one you shared above is like a thank you note. And, it’s a good way to close a deal. Well, I noticed that you’ve not discussed in detail about the domain you sold.

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