Welcome to my newest sponsor – DotClub


Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I would like to give a very warm welcome to my newest sponsor – DotClub – is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based company founded by serial entrepreneur Colin Campbell (Tucows, Hostopia).

The Company was formed in 2012 specifically for the purpose of applying for and operating the new generic top level domain name (gTLD) “.CLUB”  as well as to create a complimentary online social network platform for clubs and membership organizations.











According to Namestat.org, Top10 Fastest Growing gTLDs are as follows:


And for Top 10 Best Selling gTLDs along with the number of registrations you will see .club at 2nd place as of now:

.guru – 57,032
.club – 48,271
.berlin – 47,281
.photography – 35,470
.在线 (online) – 31,423
.email – 29,454
.link – 24,563
.today – 24,081
.tips – 22,186
.company – 18,741

As you know Sunday is normally slow day for domain registrations but .club hasn’t been slowing compare to the starting days of general availability. I have seen DotClub team doing excellent marketing in promoting their gTLD. It seems they are unstoppable and why wouldn’t they be when the company is well funded, having raised $8.2 million from investors.

To be honest I haven’t registered any .club domain or any other gTLDs. That doesn’t mean I don’t like .club domains. It’s just that my focus is more on .com domains but I will surely explore deeply wherever I see the opportunity coming my way.

I am very delighted to have them as my newest sponsor of AbdulBasit.com

I sincerely wish them best of luck in reaching the top of gTLDs game.

Feel free to showcase your .club and let everyone know.

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6 years ago

Congrats! for having .club as a new sponsor. I really like .club TLD and it’s evident that many others like it too. Well, I’ve got one sculpt.club but my registrar denied it due to TM issue. After it, I not tried any other variables.
But, since it’s gaining a good speed I’m thinking of getting into .club bandwagon.

Vijay Narada Kumar P
Vijay Narada Kumar P
6 years ago

I Abdul have registered few .club domains and listed in sedo.


Vijay Narada Kumar P
Vijay Narada Kumar P
Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

No offers so far abdul 🙁

But eagerly waiting for offers….ICC.club not only for ICC cricket but also International Code Council and many more 😉

By the way can u apply for new account in DomainNameSales.com with this new gtlds?

Vijay Narada Kumar P
Vijay Narada Kumar P
Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

Hey abdul why don’t you keep my gtlds in your DNS account 😉

Vijay Narada Kumar P
Vijay Narada Kumar P
6 years ago

Because i don’t have DNS account and i don’t have that much domains to get the DNS A/C 🙁

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