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Auction your domains whenever you’d like at


Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Recently I listed all my domains at Sedo but not much inquiries through them and honestly I want more domains to be sold through DomainNameSales or direct inquiries made through WHOIS because that keeps the commission away and everything is transparent at every stage.

However, today I received an interesting email from Sedo which says that you can auction off your domain at their platform any time for only €59.

Just choose the starting time and your desired minimum bid – that’s it. Your domain auction will be featured on our homepage and in matching search results, attracting bids.

With our new Direct Auction, you are free to choose:

  • Which domain to auction off
  • When to run the auction
  • Your own desired minimum price
How to start a Direct AuctionTo start a Direct Auction you need to first list your domains for sale, which you can easily do from the ‘My Domains’ menu. After adding the domains you want to sell, you can then start your own, personal auction. Simply click on “Promote Domains” below your domain list.

  • Choose up to 10 domains
  • Set a price between $90 and $10,000 and
  • Select your desired start date

We’ll send you your own individual auction page link, so that you can share your domain auction with potential buyers.

Additionally, your domain auction will be featured on our homepage and in matching search results, maximizing visibility and reach!

Your benefits

  • High flexibility: Start an auction any time you want
  • Maximum exposure: Featured on Sedo’s homepage & search results
  • Full control: Choose your desired reserve price

I personally think this will bring in lot of crappy domains into auction stage where you will find difficulties in finding the right domain for yourself. Overall, I see it’s good for Sedo as they will end up making more money and auctions will have lower quality of names compare to decent one’s.

What are your thoughts in this regard and would you give it a try some day in near future?