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Tip to check unlimited FREE valuation from

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I’m never a fan of using ANY automated valuation site including Estibot. But since many domainers especially newbies check this site for valuation and as we all know Estibot allows 1 free appraisal per IP in 24 hours.

Anyone using Uniregistry Market can utilize this feature but is limited to inquiries you receives. At least, that’s what I’m aware of and not sure if there is any way you can check for all the domains which are under your account at Uniregistry Market.

Simply login to your Unregistry Market account, Inbox, open any inquiry. Click on the “Settings icon” as marked in snapshot below.


You will see a different options in that box which shows several options. One of which is EstiBot valuation for your domain.

I highly don’t recommend anyone to depend on ANY valuation tools including Estibot which in my opinion is total worthless. But my purpose of sharing is to check for fun in case you have some extra time to see what this crappy tool valuates your domain 😀

Feel free to share your feedback and if someone knows a way to get free valuation for all domains in your Uniregistry account, kindly share in comment section for others to know.