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Verify email address of the domain owner to see if it’s valid or not

verify email address

I use this tool when I need to acquire a domain but from a drop and not by contacting the end-user. This gives me an edge and peace to know whether the email is valid or not. In case, the email ID is invalid, I can assure myself that there are more chances of getting this domain drop and I can work accordingly. There are several benefits of having the email address invalid. One of the top is the domain will most likely be dropped. Secondly, no other potential buyer would be able to contact him through email because it would bounce back. I know there are several other ways to get in touch with the current owner of the domain but many don’t do.

Although I have seen many domains getting renewed even their email addresses are invalid. Not sure how they are able to track their domains when their email ID is not working. Some don’t even bother to change the ID even after logging to their account and renewing the domains.

I have checked thousands of email addresses through this tool and is really great. Only on few occasion it gives the wrong answer. You can determine that by checking that email ID twice or thrice and see what the result is.

This tool is also helpful when you are confused whether to contact the current owner of the domain just to know if the email address is valid or not. Sometimes you just want to see if the ID is working one. I personally feel good to know the ID is invalid so there will be more chances to get the domain dropped and most of the potential buyer would not be able to contact when the email will bounce back to them.

There are some negative aspects with having invalid ID as well. One is that I cannot get in touch through email and make this deal privately before the domain drops. The other is domain will go into auction where I will have to fight with many bidders and end up paying lot more than I would have paid dealing privately.

Do you find this tool helpful? Would you like to share anything similar?