Posts Tagged ‘ launches new re-designed website’ launches fantastically re-designed website I am sure most of the active domainers have seen the newly re-designed site of which has come up with some new features as well. One of the feature I like is Milestone Escrow. You must be wondering what is it actually. Well, I have taken the explanation from their site “From a kitchen remodeling contract to an IT project,’s 5 Simple Step payment process can be used to provide protection for both Sellers and their Buyers. Buyers fund the full contract amount upfront and Sellers receive their milestone payments once each phase of the project is complete. This way both parties can be assured individual project commitments and deadlines are met and payment for them is received.”

With the new site launched you will find out lots of more information which will clear all doubts of any one who was hesitant using their service in the past. Although they had necessary information on their old website but this time they have put everything. I would say more than anything you would ask for!

You may also find the complete list of partners –  There are some very big names like,,,

Following are the benefits for both buyer and sellers in case you are not aware of yet:

Buyers benefit: tracks the shipped merchandise and verifies it was delivered.
The Seller isn’t paid until the Buyer accepts the merchandise, or the inspection period expires.

Sellers benefit: confirms when the Buyer receives merchandise.
The Seller is authorized to ship only after verifies good funds.

You will find out my testimonial on their customer stories page. Once again a big thanks to for providing such a great service which is really not comparable to any one else. Also for publishing my story which is absolutely true.