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What I achieved in 2014 and goals for 2015

What-I-achieved-in-2014-and-goals-for-2015Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

First up, happy new year to every one reading my blog. Secondly, thanks to all my visitors and loyal readers, commenters who gave their precious time and feedback and I have made some good friends out of this small domain community.

As I posted in March last year about my goals so I wanted to share what I accomplished and what’s my focus for this new year 2015.

I wanted to have 1,000 domains under my belt and I was short of 150 domains at the end.

To make $1,000 every month from parking on consistent basis and here $350 was short in achieving four figure mark.

I decided to sell at least one domain for six figures which I was able to successfully achieve and that was the most important and difficult goal to pull off. You can read more about that here.

Last couple of goals for the last year were on light note which I honestly took it lightly and both were not done. I had to publish 200 posts by the end of 31st December 2014 but finally I made 141 and was well short of 200. Last one was a personal one… To gain weight from 63 kgs to 72 but at the end I made it 69 which wasn’t too bad 😉

After going through my last year performance I wanted to share what I have planned for 2015 and set up some new and exciting goals to achieve.

1) To have 1,200 domains by the end of 2015. As usual I will be focusing on quality rather than quantity which was the main reason not to achieve 1k mark last year.

2) To make $1,000 p/month in domain parking. It’s the same one what I set last year but looking at the parking revenue of last year I think this will still be a challenge to make on regular basis.

3) Looking at my portfolio growing in number and renewals are climbing high so I have decided to liquidate some number of domains as compare to previous year and make at least $5,000 sale in total every month.

4) Last year I have sold 9-12 domains and this year I will be selling 20-24 domains which will roll on my portfolio and I won’t feel any pressure of paying renewals. To date, I have moved most of my domains to Uniregistry, automatically one year is extended so there isn’t much to think about renewals this year but I normally renew most of my domains a year before they hit renewals to keep things smooth and tension free…

5) Last one is a personal goal which is to move out of this city or country mainly due to safety concerns and several other factors. I had already decided to be shifting in mid 2015 couple of years back and time has come up. I will either be moving to Dubai or Islamabad (capital city of Pakistan) which is still better than my city (Karachi) where I live. I pray to ALLAH to show me right path and guidance which will help me in deciding where I should be moving.

Feel free to share your own goals set for year 2015.

5 goals I have to achieve in 2014

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Although only couple of months have passed for this year but I wanted to share some goals I want to achieve this year.

1) I want to have 1,000 domains under my portfolio by the end of Dec 2014.

2) To earn US$1,000 in domain parking every month from Jan 2015. Although I have listed my goals for 2014 but the domains I will gather till December will be making parking revenue in the month of January 2015.

3) Make at least one big sale of six fig5-goals-I-have-to-achieve-in-2014ures.

4) I publish very few posts each month but always wanted to increase the numbers quickly. However, my aim is to hit 200 mark by the end of this year. I know it’s easy to publish crappy stuff here and there but I want to share only good stuff which has something to learn from it.

5) This is my personal goal not related to domain. To gain weight and reach 72 kgs. Right now it’s just 63 kgs.

Care to share your own goals set to get by the end of this year?