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PayPal, TopCoin & New Extensions at Uniregistry!

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Below is the newsletter received from Uniregistry and I am happy to share this with you.

PayPal-TopCoin-and-Brand-New-Extensions-at-Uniregistry“Uniregistry now accepts PayPal. We heard you and we got it done!
3 easy steps to connect PayPal to your Uniregistry purchases:

Before processing your payment, click on the “Change” button located next to your Payment Profile.
Choose PayPal as your payment profile.
Create your payment profile & you’re on your way!

Start Earning and Using TopCoin today!

Uniregistry is the first registrar to integrate TopCoin – a virtual currency designed for domain names and web hosting. Like frequent flyer miles for travel, TopCoin rewards purchasers with currency (aka TPC) that can be used to buy products and services. For every dollar spent on domains, 50% in TPC is earned. To learn more visit

new-gtldsNew Top Level Domains Continue to Launch!
Check out our new extensions that will be available on November 25th.  Act quick and be one of the first to register a .click for only $6.88. Get your perfect domain and have fun naming!

There will be no registry reserved domain names beyond single-characters on .click, and be sure to check out the complete list of Uniregistry’s available top level domains at”

I haven’t tried making payment through PayPal because it was launched just yesterday. Since I started transferring in domains to Uniregistry I was unable to use my card because the problem was from my bank. I asked Frank Pavilonis (Account Executive) at Uniregistry and he helped me in topping up my account with the funds I was suppose to receive from the sale completed through

As mentioned in my earlier post about Uniregistry review where I updated about my 65% transfers completed to this registrar and in next couple of months the rest of them will be moved. This month I completed another domain sale (will share in detail in coming post) for which I asked Frank to fund my Uniregistry account so that can be used to transfer in domains. It took couple of days to complete and now I can say that over 90% domains are transferred to Uniregistry and I am happy to move in here.

While transferring in all those domains I have made hundreds of TPC but I think it’s of no use for me because according to their FAQ I see they are promoting new gTLDs and giving more reward on purchasing it compare to .com/.net domains. And as you know I have zero new gTLDs and have no plans to invest in them. Still it’s good development from their team for which I congratulate them and they are always busy in bringing in something new all the time.