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New record in parking revenue by reaching nearly US$500 for May 2013

New-record-in-parking-revenue-by-reaching-nearly-US$500-for-May-2013Hi everyone,

May 2013 was an amazing month in terms of parking revenue. I wasn’t expecting much because didn’t made any changes or added lot of domains under my account. Very few domains were added in the whole previous month. I think the CPC was nice and saw a touch better CTR as well. Both the combination made just US$450.

My plan is to reach US$1,000 mark in parking revenue for the month of January 2014. I know it’s long way to go and will definitely be a huge achievement for me. I know there are some big boys making one grand every day from parking but I don’t compare myself to them because the number of domains and quality is the difference.

I am happy with my progress with the goal almost half reached. I don’t want to make one month for 1k and next month dropping back to US$600-800 range. Consistency is the key and my plan to hit the US$1,000 mark is to keep making that amount consistently.

Care to share your parking revenue of this month? Also any feedback on my parking revenue?

Parking revenue at aka for April 2013

Parking revenue at aka for April 2013

Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in previous month’s parking revenue that I am hoping to have a better April in terms of PPC earnings. I was dead right. There was lot of improvement compare to the previous month. Well, I made somewhat near to US$350 but didn’t hit this mark. Also the best day was 30th April where I made US$20 in one complete day for all my domain names.

I added may be 5-10 new domains every month with so the earnings reflect accordingly. Although my intentions are not to buy domains solely for PPC purpose. I am more inclined towards selling my domains to end-users. But until the domain is not sold, it’s been parked with DNS platform and makes additional revenue which is a great thing.

Overall, I would say I am satisfied with how it’s going and hope to have better month next time 😉

Your feedback is welcome 🙂 Also how was your month (April) in terms of PPC revenue?