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PPC revenue for June 2013

PPC-revenue-for-June-2013Hello everyone,

As I made record parking revenue in the month of May 2013 and I though June will somewhat similar in terms of revenue but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I made almost $100 less compare to previous month. Most of the credit in declining PPC income goes to me because I made some tweaking and put some of my money making and type-in traffic domains with other platform and brought them back to InternetTraffic because they didn’t perform as good as I thought.

Now as I have moved my domains back to InternetTraffic and with the addition of some more domains I feel this month July would be doing well. By the way, I saw some traffic dipping as well as the RPC. I think this is due to people are on vacations which might be one of the reason for low traffic. You must be thinking of why I am talking about low RPC. That’s because when you are on vacation (if you are an advertiser) you must have stopped your advertising campaigns for the time being and will resume after the break. This can cause in low competition which end results in low RPC. Am I correct or am I correct? 😉

How did your domains performed in parking revenue for May 2013? Feel free to shoot any comments, suggestions you have 🙂