Some of my recent best acquisitions of 2018

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Going through the posts, I found that I haven’t shared any acquisitions this year and recently I have bought some top class names which I would like to share with my fellow domainers., – I wouldn’t say anything about these names and would love to hear feedback from you guys if you like to give any… – Last month sold for $50,000 and couple of years back for $40,000. I don’t rely or buy/sell domains looking solely on the comparable sales but MicroBox is great addition IMO. Highly brandable and can be used for multiple purposes. – Love to have such short and brandable names. – Can be related to transportation, sports in Las Vegas. Anything more you can think off? – Universities and research institutions or some science related project. – Great domain for any festival, music, concert, etc. – Some official site related to applying U.S Citizenship or some guide, informative portal to U.S citizen, citizenship. – Neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois with a population of over 56,000 recorded in 2015. Usually I don’t invest in GEO names but this was difficult to leave out. – Some running shoes business, sports, running store.,, – I’ve almost stopped buying 4 letters this year and only few acquired this year. Focusing more on quality than quantity. Just trying to keep 4 letter .com share of around 7-10% in my portfolio. Currently it’s at 9%. Not sure but I think Shane Cultra who operates also likes to have 4L .com portfolio of around 7-10%., – Media names are hot and will be more in demand as the time goes by. – Spa, Perfume, Body/Face wash, Juice, Media company. Great to invest in domains which can be used for many purposes. – Can be used for many different purposes. – Great name for a software company.,, – 1 word .net are always good to invest which are highly brandable.

Rosemary.CO, Kicks.CO – It’s safe and great to invest in good one word names.

Feel free to give your feedback. Also if you like to share your recent acquisitions.

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43 Responses to “Some of my recent best acquisitions of 2018”

  1. Ehren says:

    GREAT domains as usual!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Darko says:

    Absolutely like MicroBox and all others are very good picks!

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best!

  3. BullS says:

    Where did you buy them and how much??

    Good info to share…

  4. Kevin says:

    Some nice pickups there. Congrats.

  5. Juan says:

    Nice acquisitions, I like many of them, Bluesfest is great.

  6. Andrew Hyde says:

    Nice acquisitions Abdul! Can you tell where you sold them, direct to end user or any venues that you’d prefer?

    • Sold them? Those are purchases and not yet sold any. Do you mean to ask something else?

      • Fuadiansyah says:

        Hi Abdul,

        Assalamo alaikum,

        Thanks for sharing. Impressive list.
        My favorites are,, and

        By the way, how many times per week do you get offer for this kind of names?
        Are they mostly low ball offers?

        • WaAlaikum Salaam,

          Nice to see you like them. Thanks for your feedback of what domains you like the most.

          That’s an interesting question. I’ve seen more offers on low to mid tier domains than of such high quality one’s. The main reason I can think off is the quantity of high quality domains is far less than what makes the most of my portfolio which contains more low-mid tier one’s. But one thing is common among all domains whether it be low or high quality, the offers are most of the time lowballs. As most endusers don’t understand the value as well as the difference between low and high quality of domains.

  7. Rahul says:

    Great Names Abdul as usual. I personally like your strategy of acquiring only names which are having broader scope; can be used for multi-businesses.

    Keep sharing your acquisitions.



    • Thanks Rahul for your comment which is appreciated. That’s what keeps me sharing such posts. I look out for names which have broader scope like you said… Those are best one’s IMO.

      Best wishes!

  8. @domains says:

    Some good to excellent names there, especially the first five on your list. Good luck with them!

  9. Masha Allah, excellent names most of them.

  10. Also, do you think Crypto domain market is still worth investing in?

  11. Alex Verdea says:

    Hey AbdulBasit- I see a lot of quality names on your list. and are my top picks.

    • Thanks for your feedback Alex which is appreciated 🙂
      People have different opinions and I like to see many are choosing it that way. This gives better idea and to decide what domains to buy in future.

  12. Nice names. Thanks for sharing.
    I like equitytrading and capitaltrading!

  13. RaTHeaD says:

    i like . could use it for info on all the buffet lines in las vegas. i guess you could also do something betting related with it but how could you make any money there?

    • Thanks for your feedback and nice to know how VegasLine can be utilized in more ways. Well, I don’t invest in any domains which are solely related to betting and some other niches.

  14. Shane Cultra says:

    Great names and thanks for sharing. Yes, I like to keep it at 10% …..or more. I think they are a good hold of value


  15. Spike says:

    You’ve got some definite winners there! Thanks for sharing

  16. Wa Alaikum Assalam Abdul Basit!
    Very good acquisitions. CoolFresh, EquityTrading, CapitalTrading, VegasLine, ResearchPark are my favt. Nice to see some .co domains on the list. My favt. extension after .com.

    All other domains are great too.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    All the best

  17. Kalpana D says:

    All are very good name. I think Vegas Line has a lot of potential. I am surprised it was available for sale. All betting lines are set in Vegas. I am sure you would get high five figure minimum for the name. I love reading your blog because you share your personal expertise and experience.

  18. sohail roshni says:

    infoscape is a good much did you pay for it.
    good list.
    Sohail Roshni

  19. Thank you so much for this informationo.

  20. Ibrahim says:

    This is nice pick.

  21. domainer says:

    Hello , Abdul , do you have .cc domain in your portfolio ? I like .cc because it is easy to remember and write , what do you say ?

    • You know my first domain acquisition was a .cc domain (Traders) which I still own it. I hand reg in late 2004. The purpose was to develop website and didn’t knew about buying/selling of domains that time.

      I’ve a very few .cc domains like 4U, Asia and Guru.

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