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Do you still invest in .cc/.im domain names?

From 2004 I mostly focused on .cc domains and .im compared to .com which was really a horrible mistake because as everyone knows .com is king but I was not getting any single keyword domains in .com so I thought to shift my mind towards ccTLDs. In the past 6 years I have purchased and still own over 50 .cc/.im domains and barely sold 15 domains altogether.

Both of them are very slow pace ccTLDs. You will find gems from time to time but there are not many buyers for those domains. You will hardly receive any offers. I am saying because having decent size and quality portfolio of .cc/.im domains such as,,,,,,,,, and I am very much disappointed with the aftermarket of these ccTLDs. If I recall my memory I had received maximum of 10 offers to date for all these domains listed above in last 5-6 years period, not an impressive number of inquiries.

I strongly suggest not to invest in such low popular extensions where you face difficulties in finding end users and making successful sales.

I would like to know if you still invest in .cc/.im domain names? What are your existing purchases and have you sold any of them to date? Are you in the same boat of mine or against my views? I would love to hear comments no matter how good or bad they are 😉

Domains I recently purchased

Like many other domain investors I don’t usually stuck to one or very few niches while buying domain names. I buy all type of domains except adult, gambling, alcohol related domains. My focus is to only look expired + aged domains which I think can sell to end users.

I would like to share my recent purchases of the past months and I will try to publish my domain acquisitions every month to keep you guys updated with the type of domain names I buy. This will give you better idea and understanding of what kind of domain names you should focus. Most of the domains I recently bought are from auctions as well as private. Some of the domains are listed below:

Would you like to share your recent domain purchases? Also what are your thoughts and suggestions about my acquisitions.

Tips, Secrets and Backordering of .IM domain names

In my previous article about my experience with .IM domains I promised to share some tips and secrets about .IM domain names. As many people asked me what is the exact drop time of .IM domains so I think it varies from registrar to registrar. The timing I have noted so far is from 8:00AM – 4:00PM (Pakistan Standard Time). The domain drops exactly on the hour so you must check on hourly basis.

There is one secret about .IM domains which I would like to share with you. When the domain owner deletes the domain from his account for any reason than the domain gets available immediately for hand registration. But .com/.net domains goes into RGP (Redemption Grace Period) if deleted before expiration date. I have grabbed few domains in such instances and are listed below with detail:

Free.IM was sold was for $1,150 in 2008 but later dropped by the previous owner before expiration date and I grabbed it.

SEO.IM was dropped by the previous owner before expiration date and I registered and sold within a week for US$4,000.

Even Fashion.IM was dropped in similar fashion and I was always there to catch that.

I am sure everyone dealing in .IM domains must know the highest reported domain sale is Mobile.IM for US$7,000 which was dropped after normal expiration cycle and I registered that as well. I wonder why the previous owner let it go. Didn’t he spent a big amount of money for that one. I surely think so but finally he decided to let it go for me 😉

So my tip for you is to keep checking all the ultra premium keywords on daily basis and one of them might come in your way. Now you must thinking who the hell can check 500 domains on daily basis. No worries, I will be sharing the easiest solution for you in my next article which I am using it for the last 6 years without any trouble and it’s worth your money.

Some domainers have asked me if there is any backordering service for .IM domains. Short answer is not yet.

Do you have any tips and/or secrets to share with others? Let your voice be heard by everyone 🙂

Getting into .cc domains

It was late 2004 when my father told me that was available to register and we got that domain. Soon I developed a website on that with forum on phpBB. I didn’t knew how to promote my website so I started spamming to every individual trader and trading companies to register on my website and start discussion anything related to their businesses. I bought email addresses list from internet which was really a bad idea if you ever think of doing that because sending unsolicited emails is unethical and not legal. However, that was my just starting in developing and promoting a website.

I didn’t succeed in promoting well enough as per my planning so I stopped doing anything for that site and left that project as it is. In search of finding domain renewal coupons I found where I got GoDaddy coupon codes for the renewal of from where I started learning about domaining which was really exciting for me. As mentioned in my earlier post that I never bought lot of domains and was always careful. I just wanted to read and get complete knowledge about domains. It seems crazy but for several years I had only 15-20 domains only and most of them were .cc

Today I own 20 odd .cc domains including,,,, If you are interested in buying .cc domains today I would strongly suggest you to invest in premium keywords only because the demand from end users isn’t much. I will be posting more articles about .cc domains in near future so stay tuned.

Care to share your .cc domains you currently own and your thoughts about the demand for end users.

Started serious domain investing in 2010

It was the end of 2004 when my father asked me to buy a domain and develop a website and it was which I never took seriously. After couple of years I came to know about domaining business which made me exciting to dig in and I started buying around 50 domains most of which were crap and dropped in 1-2 year period.

Fast forward to 2008 when I took domaining seriously and started reading blogs, surfing forums like,,,,, which helped me in making correct decisions in buying domain names. It was in 2010 when I started buying some decent names through GoDaddy Auctions and dropping domains through SnapNames which is so far the best backordering site in my experience.

You can look at my portfolio from which I have chosen only a few to list which will give you an idea of what type of domains I have purchased so far –

It’s my suggestion to invest wisely in domain names and before you purchase your first domain as an investment you must read for at least a couple of months and understand what all other successful domainers do and follow their way.

Comment and let me know your views about my investments and feel free to share your domain investments.