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Domain Appraisal Scam from

Domain-Appraisal-Scam-from-asp-web-hosting.bizHello everyone,

Today I received an email which is clearly scam and I wanted to share with all. If you have got anything similar scam please let everyone know. Below is the initial email I got from the scammer named “Aaron Weitzman”.


My client is an investor from UAE (Dubai.) He doesn’t speak English well and I will help him to purchase your

Please respond and specify a desired price in the subject line.

If you have other names for sale please email me your list with prices.


Aaron Weitzman

Swiss VP Hosting”

The time I opened the email something flashed my mind that it’s scam email. I still wanted to confirm first and Googled it and found Morgan Linton’s post which confirmed by gut feeling. I still wanted to play with this guy and asked him to make an offer and the reply was:

“My client offers $7500 for your domain.
My investor has $230,000 budget for 30-40 domain names. How can we pay you: Credit card/Wire transfer/PayPal or Western Union?

Are you a member of domain forums? Probably, we know each other under some nicknames?

Best regards,

Aaron Weitzman

Domain Realtor

am krayenrain 5
Phone: 0041763987739”

I wanted to get more information from him as how he deal with others so I told him that I got both singular and plural version of the same domain you have showed interest so give me offer on both domains together if you are interested. His next reply was:

“I get 10% on every sale. Of course, his budget has some limits but he can afford to buy names at high prices.

Ok. Before he makes the payment he needs only one thing from you. Before he makes the payment he needs only one thing from you:

Do you have an official appraisal (certificate of current market price)?

He also needs to know you have no trademark problems. It won’t be a problem for you since some official appraisers offer this option (trademark infringement verification) as a bonus to the appraisal service. It will take only 2 minutes to order it.

Without the appraisal we cannot be 100% sure in the final sale price. The appraisal will help determine the true value of your domain’s worth so you can maximize profits during the sale. On the other hand, it will minimize our risks too.

You shouldn’t worry about the the appraised value. It will be high if you order it at the right place.  I have connections with an official appraisal company. I send them clients and they appraise names at the values my clients need.  If you order the appraisal at any other source  you risk to get a low value (200-300 usd). You will waste money and time in his case. My client is a rich person and I work on a commission basis. So I’m not interested in low figure appraisals.

To avoid mistakes and wasting money on useless automated services I asked about reliable manual valuation/TM verification services. Please read this:
The process is very easy:
1. Go to the appraisal site and order the valuation with the TM verification. After several hours you will get the results.
2. Send these results via email and we’ll proceed with the deal.

If you are new to the appraisal process I can help you with a step by step instructions.”

Now there are 3 things through which I thought this was scam. First, this was received in spam/junk box. Although that doesn’t guarantee the email is scam because I already posted earlier about why you should check your spam box but most of the time emails received in spam box are real junk but you must check each mail as you might miss an opportunity. Secondly, the domain he used doesn’t look to be serious buyer. A 3 word hyphenated name and that too with .biz extension. Last but not least, when I received his first response in which he offered me $7,500 for a domain which is worth $5-8k to me. Who is crazy enough to start his initial offer with $7.5k for a domain worth less than $10k. Does it make sense to any one?

Please share this with other fellow domainers and people who even has 1 domain under their name. This can be helpful to any of them. We must save innocent people from falling in this trap. If you have received an email from any domain appraisal scammers feel free to share it.

Benefits of becoming an partner everyone,

Recently I posted about being the new partner of so a few readers of my blog asked me the benefits of being the partner of I thought to write in detail about this topic which I hope to be beneficial to many people.

You can sell virtually anything with They equally protect both buyers and sellers. Okay, let’s come to the point and I will keep it short like always 😉

Some of the benefits of being the partner of

  • Increase sale completion by presenting your customers a secure and unswerving payment solution.
  • Enhance the authenticity of your service by tapping into their knowledge and proficiency. Offer your clients the reliance and soothe that comes with superior security for their transactions.
  • has the aptitude to help you with fulfillment fee should your revenue model be based on a commission structure.
  • Being partner of can have huge impact on your business whether it’s domain name or something else you are dealing into.

If any of you are interested in becoming the partner of simply visit this link and at the bottom you will see Partners link from which you can see all the detail and requirement for any one who is interested.

Feel free to shoot me your questions and I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and keep coming.

We are now the proud partner of

We-are-now-the-proud-partner-of-Escrow.comHello everyone,

It’s one of the greatest moment to announce with you all that is now the proud partner of and are currently added to their partners list which you can see at – Partners

We have been using since many years and one of the best thing about them is customer support. I just love it. You just call them, email it and the response is very quick with your problem solved. I know there are several more escrow companies launched in recent years but I never thought of trying them no matter their charges are low or not. I would simply stick with for doing all my business related to domain names because that’s what I love doing it.

We have almost hit 6 figure mark of buying and selling domains using service since the beginning which is quite remarkable achievement. I know there are big boys who have had 7 figure sales or may be more altogether but I am not comparing with any one.

I personally thank for giving me the opportunity of working together and it’s really proud feeling to be one of their partners.

Have an online identity to make people trust you

Have-an-online-identity-to-make-people-trust-youHello everyone,

It makes me feel really good sharing this with you because having an online identity gives you lot of confidence as well as the other person who is dealing with you no matter you are buying/selling domain names or working in different niche. As we are normally talking about domains and this is related to the same subject so let’s keep the focus on it only.

Recently I mentioned the sale of a domain whose initial inquiry was received in spam box but eventually we made a successful sale. However, the most important thing in this deal was the buyer trusted me and made direct wire transfer instead of using any escrow service. The buyer actually made the payment very quickly and waited for almost 5 business days because there was some issue coming at my bank but he never asked whether I received the payment or what’s going on. Once the money was in my bank I simply pushed the domain immediately because the transfer detail was given to me once he initiated the payment from his end. I am sure that only happened because of having an online presence and your website shows you are serious in whatever business you are doing and won’t run away with someone’s money.

Although it wasn’t a big sale but I really liked it for the reason I mentioned above.

I would suggest everyone to have their website no matter whether it’s business or personal but one must have it. I am lucky to have a .com domain of my own name. Since it’s difficult these days to get your name in .com you could add first and last name or make up some catchy brandable name related to your business.

It will take some time for people to know you first. The visitors to your site will judge and start trusting you which depends on many factors.

Had any experience like this before? Feel free to share and let others know 🙂

Parking revenue for August 2013

Parking-revenue-for-August-2013Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Last month I said my revenue may drop because I will be tweaking some of my domains in order to maximize the profit but almost every time the changes I make goes the other way. I don’t mind if that happens because this is what keeps me going and we should never stop learning.

Although I manage to make over $500 for the month of August 2013 which was not bad for me even after making several changes. However, I hope to have similar or a little better this month’s parking revenue because I will be testing this month as well so things can go either way.

Also I would like to share with you guys that I have recently checked my total number of domains which has crossed over 300 mark and as previously mentioned in one of my post that my target is to have 500 domains by the end of this year and it seems my calculation is correct so far…

In the meantime, I am dropping several domains this year and my focus is to buy and sell mostly .com domains only. They are easy to sell compare to any other TLDs or ccTLDs.

Care to share how much did you made from previous month’s domain parking?