Find which .CO domains are registered of your domain

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I have bought and sold several .CO domains and had a great experience so far. Looking at WHOIS records for thousands of domains to date, I found a tip some time back which I wanted to share with you guys.

First, you go to .CO WHOIS site, type in let’s suppose Decor and it will display the WHOIS record for Decor.CO domain name. Now let’s type in Decor. and it will display what other domains are registered after the keyword Decor. The change is you have to add full stop at the end of any keyword you are going to search for. There are couple of issues. First is it doesn’t show any registered domain with any keyword before Decor. Second issue it the result is limited to 75 results. Still it’s better than nothing.

On the other hand, I sold couple of domains which I would like to share. First was which I sold through Afternic for $2,988. Second was which I last week sold through Sedo for $2,688. Each of these domain was purchased in 3 figures.

If you guys use it and find it helpful, feel free to comment and share your feedback.

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4 years ago

Whoa! Great great tip. I like .co as well, my 2nd biggest sale ever was a .co.

Even when I’ve needed quick money to liquidate for bills or something, I’ve been able to get good value for my .co’s and came out ahead 20-30% probably.

This gives me even more ways to approach selling/marketing them. Again, great tip! Thanks, AbdulBasit.

Congrats on those sales, as well.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
3 years ago

I’ve had 1 5 figure sale myself!

I just wish renewals were about $10 less per year. 🙂

Julio Maysonet
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing Abdul,

I’ve added the link to my important website folder.

I think .co is a good alternative for when .com is not available.

Patricia Kaehler
3 years ago

that’s handy info to have…
thanks for sharing with us…

Patricia Kaehler
3 years ago

I discovered that if I do as you suggested
with the example: decor
as: decor.
and it only gives the 75

if you also do these:

it will give you more (as whatever that second word started with)
running through the alphabet per keyword…


Reply to  Patricia Kaehler
3 years ago

Nice little hack! Thanks for sharing, Patricia.

Frank Meester
3 years ago

Have these for a while and never sold one or recieved an offer .

Reply to  Frank Meester
3 years ago and are Good domains

3 years ago

I have

Looking to sell it.


Haris Memon
3 years ago

Assalam u alaikum,

Very helpful tip, I was about to look for .co zone file to find potential buyers of my .co domains.


Victor Paez
3 years ago

Here are a few .Co’s: (virtual reality inc.) or (voice recognition inc.)

3 years ago

You have made a good amount from those domains as you seems to bought them at a very cheaper prices. The point of selling a domain name to make maximum profit is to be present on the right time, for the right amount and get the right buyer.

3 years ago

Nice one on … it’s a great name!! I wonder if you have sold other pt-br domains … I ask because it’s my first language. Thank you very much for sharing your sales Abdul.

Domains R Forever
2 years ago

Well i think the trick doesn’t work anymore…

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