Parking revenue for December 2014 and other updates

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It was quite slow month in terms of revenue but overall it was a great year and I really enjoyed it specially in domaining. I hope 2015 is going to be far better and I expect many positives and exciting things to happen. Below is the parking stats for December 2014 and initially I thought the revenue might be dropped a lot but after calculating from both parking platforms it was quite okay.

Total visitors – 134,000+ (15k increase from the previous month).

Total clicks – 3,900+ (200 more clicks).

Total parked domains – 850 (50 new added).

Total revenue – $590 ($60 decrease compare to November).

Top 5 niche which made the most – Brandable, Games, Health, Music Cooking.

$$ made on a single day – $36

RPM – $5.73 ($.7 less in overall RPM).

CTR – 4.37% (Almost similar to previous month).

Overall it was good other than final outcome of revenue. Also I added another 50 domains.

I didn’t sold any domain in December because there was no attractive offer which I should have accepted. The main reason was due to holiday season and I found December being the slowest month of the year where there are very low number of inquiries received but I am hopeful things will get better starting new year. As planned for this year I have to get more lenient and get more sales this year.

I have moved over 95% of my domains to Uniregistry and although most of my domains are .com, I still have few .co, .cc domains which I wanted to move to Uniregistry as well but the pricing for those extensions is a bit on higher side due to which I have so far kept the remaining domains at GoDaddy. I hope Uniregistry accepts .IM domains in future so that I can bring all my .IM domains there too which are currently with DomainMonster. Not a good control panel of DM but since I have around 15 .IM domain I am okay with them.

Did you saw revenue improvement or were in the same boat of mine for December 2014? Also had any domain sale?

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6 years ago

Hello there, all the best in 2015! Hope January 2015 will be a better month. Take care

6 years ago

Its not clever to move domains to registrar, uniregistry who commpete with their own clients, lies (e.g. about their newTld availability and prices – watch conference Frank Schiling vs Rick Schwartz), buys huge number of their own domains to make things look better.
Does e.g. Michael Berkens move domains to Uniregistry, or other top investors? Of course not

6 years ago

Does uniregistry offer option to list domains registered with them with either Afternic DLS or Sedo MLS?

Konstantinos Zournas
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.
What are your 2 parking companies?
DNS and ???

Andrea Paladini
6 years ago

Nice performance AbduBasit! 🙂

“Its not clever to move domains to registrar, uniregistry who commpete with their own clients”
@ Ab
This is one of the main reasons why we didn’t move our domains to Uniregistry, conflicts of interests are something I don’t tolerate in this business, same for the financial industry …
At the moment our portfolio is smaller than AbdulBasit’s one, but we have nice plans for selective growth in due time 😉

@ AbdulBasit: are you using Bodis for some fail-listed domains?

Doron Vermaat
6 years ago

Happy New Year Abdul. Wishing you all for the best for 2015. Looking fwd to reading your blog.

6 years ago

These are some great parking stats, do you find that the majority of your revenue comes from an elite group of domains (example around 10 ultra premium domains) or is it spread around pretty evenly?

6 years ago

Hi AbdulBasit,

Although I no longer focus on selling domains, I do like reading about your journey and wish you a prosperous year.


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