Sites where I find out the historical and past domain sales

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s always good to research before buying or selling your domains. One of the helping tool is to find out relevant past domain sales. If you are at the buying side, you will need to look at what similar domains sold for, the venue, extension, the year, etc. There could be many other factors which you can take into consideration but this is a must and you don’t end up paying more! So doing your due diligence is must.

If you are at selling side, you must look the past sales just to have an idea of not selling for less and leaving money on table. You will always be happy to get more than you expect but on the other side, if you will sell for less, that won’t be good for you and the market as well which is normally set on past and recent sales. Although there are exceptional sales every now and then.

I normally use which is frequently updated and gives you all the info you want related to past sales with all the search parameters you would want to have it. and are good as well but I don’t think DnSalePrice has enough and much updated sales data but still good to check out than missing out completely.

You can also watch out which shows you the top 500 domain sales. It was last updated on 09/12/2013 but still worth a look.

Another one is operated by Ron Jackson and this is the updated on weekly basis and I really like it. This gives you lot of info of what is going on every week. Not only that, you can also find out the previous weeks, months and years sales. Hats off to Ron for updating his website every week for years with lot of sales.

Feel free to share if you are aware of some other useful websites where we can find past domain sales.

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6 years ago

I’m partial to However i have yet to learn how to use the syntax to narrow down the results haha. It also makes me realize how little I like domain hacks, as far as user-usability haha. NameBio’s filters are a little screwy, and has been down for sometime, from what I can tell.

6 years ago

You can find yearly data and monthly data on as well. In fact you can query from any possible angle you can imagine. Check their syntax. TLD, year, price range, … even reserves not met or domain name sold with websites…

6 years ago

I love all the historical sales sites as a buyer, but sometimes as a seller they are a nightmare. Someone approached me last week saying he knew what I bought the domain for and he can offer $200 more. Had he not known about the sale, he could have offered much more but he had the figure stuck in his mind and couldn’t rise above what I paid… otherwise he would feel like a sucker.

Andrea Paladini
6 years ago has been down for some weeks … and as far as I see it hasn’t been updated since late 2013 …
It’s weird they don’t realize it quickly when it’s down and fix it …

Andrea Paladini
Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

Yeah, I agree, I was using it as well, more than Namebio actually, what a pity they don’t keep it updated and up and running … 🙂

Bitcoin Domains for sale
6 years ago

Congratulations for your sale on Scherpe & Jyden.


6 years ago

You can also find all past domain sales at

We have a database of over 200,000 recorded domain sales.

Very soon, we are also launching a domain marketplace for the domainers.

Check it out!

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

You should definitely try again, we have full keyword search capability apart from providing all time top sales and most recent sales (last 90 days).

Not sure why you experienced issues. Check by typing in your keyword in the search box:

Try again and let us know. 🙂

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