Another new exciting feature at Uniregistry Market

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I have been using Uniregistry (formerly DomainNameSales) for years and it’s great to see new features and improvements are made every now and then.

Recently I noticed live chat feature at Uniregistry Market. Currently it’s available at Uniregistry Market, Transfer, and Register search pages only. All pages require you to be logged in. You will see a small chat logo at the bottom right. as shown in snapshot below:

Click on that and you will find several support team members you can start chat with:



I had a pleasant chat with Jordan who seems to be Manager of Customer Support team based in United Kingdom. Their support hours are 8am-5pm GMT UK. According to him, clients may have their brief issues get resolved. Nothing should carry over. Any issue requiring a longer wait will be moved to a ticket.

You may also attach any file/snapshot related to your concerned issues. Clients will also be able to rating chats once they are closed.

Feel free to comment and give your feedback.


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3 years ago

They got the idea from namePros, which has been offering this service to members for years (must login).

Nothing original by Uni about it. Just a copy-cat of a good service.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
3 years ago

I agree it is a great addition and even if someone else is doing it just makes sense for them to do it as well and provide that type of awesome service to members. I am glad they added this in order to provide instant service. =-D

– Will

3 years ago

they disabled now ?

3 years ago

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