Beware of this new scam trick

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make you all aware of this new scam trick. I believe some have received similar emails as well but still I wanted to share it for everyone else who’s not known to it.

Today morning I received an email with the following details:

Subject: Domain Inquiry

Email address:


I am inquiring about your domain name

We are interested in purchasing the domain name for a new project. Our offer is $550,000.

Please let us know if you are willing to sell the aforementioned domain name to our company for the above price.
We await your reply at your earliest convenience.

Brian Holloway
Head of the Deep Science Fund
Intellectual Ventures

If you carefully look at the email address which actually has the letter L and not letter I for Intellectual keyword. This is a clear disguise way to lure into the trap of buying appraisal certificates.

Another thing is that the domain is listed for sale at $29,888 whereas the initial offer came in at $550,000. That’s clear cut stupidity by offering so high. Even to cheat others, one has to use their brains and in this case the only thing intelligently used was the domain name.

For anyone who doesn’t usually get too excited at first by looking at such high starting offers, they cannot be easily trapped.

Also to note, the person and company name used above (Brian Holloway and intellectualventures) is real and can be checked at the above link mentioned in the message AND have no connection with this scam. The scumbag at Lntellectualventures intentionally used their information to disguise domain owners.

Feel free to share this with your fellow friends so they can be made aware of this scam and you better be careful as well.

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9 months ago

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Abdul wajid khan
Abdul wajid khan
9 months ago

Thank you Abdul bhai for giving us knowledge regarding each and every aspect of domaining… You are great…
Missing yours sales and acquisitions report…

Last edited 9 months ago by Abdul wajid khan
9 months ago

Thanks for share, Yes I received these kinds of emails in the past, but when I verified their email address then it looks spamy.

9 months ago

Thanks AbdulBasit, Good reminder. Though one can use the Google to check for spelling. But, not everyone does it. Also, the more problem is for the company who has the right spell of this domain name (intellectual/\/\ ventures). Because the one who owns the misspelled version can use it unfairly. And, companies should invest/acquire misspelled version of their company name too. EspeciaIIy lnvoIvlIng l and I.

9 months ago

Thanks, For your information about the Fraud persons
Jazakallah Khaira

Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
9 months ago

Hiya Abdul, How are you? I hope you are doing well. A Great post to show the domainers to be aware of emails which can look genuine but are actually scams. New domainers will often see the high price and get exited and contact the scammer, but they need to be certain that they are genuine or not. I would say these 5 additional points: 1) If if seems to good to be true, it usually is 2) Check the senders email address carefully for typos 3) Check the email for spelling and grammar mistakes. 4) Experience also plays a… Read more »

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