Does it matter which registrar your domains are registered with?

I am raising this question after reading out the post from Acro where he has filed complaint against at BBB. Once you have read you must ask this question to yourself “Does it matter which registrar my domains are registered with?”

For me the answer is Yes, it does matter a lot. Actually in many ways. First and foremost would be the security of domains and pricing for me. Although there are many other factors to consider like ease of pushing domains from one account to another as well as transferring out of domains. Also the account management tools are very important when you have huge number of domains.

I would strongly suggest everyone to carefully select your registrar by keeping all these factors in your mind and give importance to each and everyone. I always try to keep my domains at a small number of registrars because spreading out every few domains to many registrar not only confuses you but someday may put you in trouble like I mentioned at the start of my post. Also you need to remember lot of different passwords (if you have set different passwords) you may set at each registrar.

I know most of the domainers like me regularly buy domains from domain auctions like NameJet, Pool, SnapNames, etc. Due to which our domains are at many different places. I just keep record for each domain that once the 60 day period is over I simply transfer the domain back to my favorite registrar It has not only the best pricing for domains but offers good customer service, swiftness of transferring domains internally as well as externally in just few minutes. I really like the account management tool as well but to be honest it’s very slow to operate.

99% of my domains are always with GoDaddy and I really like the support of DM but their control panel for bulk modifying the domains is really poor and they promised to improve that in near future. Not sure when the near future will come for them 😉

As you know I have invested in .IM domains for which I am using DM as my registrar. They also offer the best pricing for .IM domains and one of the great customer service. So for this specific purpose I think they are the best. Rest all my domains are with GoDaddy and I strongly recommend everyone to stick with them.

I would like to know if you really care which registrar you keep your domains and how is your experience with them?

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