DropCatch.com Auction Announcement – Another way of making extra money!

DropCatch.com Auction Announcement - Another way of making extra money!Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I received an email from DropCatch.com for which I had a bad experience in past. They have also posted detail about the announcement on their blog as well which I have stated below:

“An internal process which alerts customers of caught and missed domains failed for Monday’s drop (7/14).  The domains have been … doing nothing … in a holding account in our system, but were marked as missed. So we were curious and performed an internal audit back to our launch date — we found a few other stragglers which were incorrectly marked as missed and again … doing nothing.

Since we already claimed that we missed these domains we are going to try to make the best of this situation:

If there was only a single backorder on a domain which we incorrectly identified as “missed”, we will be pushing that domain to the customer who backordered the domain free of charge. Enjoy!

If there were multiple backorders for a domain which we incorrectly identified as “missed”, we will be starting auctions for these domains today. Customers who backordered these domains will not be obligated to participate. There is a minimum bid of $60 for these domains. If there are no bids for one of these domains when the auction closes, we will offer it to an affiliate.

The following domains will be listed in auction using the above special conditions:

  • 58589.com
  • DomainKnack.com
  • EcoRoc.com
  • IsraelTalk.com
  • Mjyy.com
  • Norway-Mori.com
  • Rghj.com
  • Ysae.com


The winners of these domains did not pay us for them. That’s too bad. The good news is that you’ve got another shot at them! The following domains will be re-auctioned under our normal auction rules:

  • 9555555.com
  • Artro.com
  • CraigslistAdTracker.com
  • Dinuo.com
  • Fallout3.net
  • HerMex.com
  • Hjkl.com
  • Hot-Live-Chat.com
  • Vokoo.com
  • YumiWu.com
  • Zdjk.com
  • Ziqing.com”

I remember making a comment on their blog in the past which was never approved. However, I posted another comment which went into moderation and not sure if that will be accepted but let me post below which surely they can’t sensor it 😉

“I think I was the second highest bidder for one of your non-payment auction so the domain should be awarded to me. Instead of that you have started public auction for that particular name and made an announcement as well to all participants as well as on your blog to get more and more participants. You are simply pumping those auctions to get maximum money out of it!

This is not fair at all and you guys are a bunch of shameless people who are just after money. No ethics and rules are being followed. Ethically you should have given the domain to the second highest bidder minus the first bidder’s bids.”

Last week I lost a domain at GoDaddy which was sold to the highest bidder at $9xx but couple of days later I received an email that “you had the second highest bid of $7xx and now this domain auction has been moved to the “Won” section of your GoDaddy Auctions account. You must complete the purchase of the xxxxxxxxxx.net within 24 hours of this notification or the domain may be offered to others for purchase.
If you are still interested in registering this domain name, please log in to your account and complete purchase for the domain.”

I was happy to win that domain specially when I saw that around $200 was waived off because all the bids highest bidder were removed and I got a great deal.

Similarly, in this case as well, DropCatch.com must have followed this rule and run their business ethically. It seems they are chasing money no matter what happens.

Yes, I still place backorders with them but to be honest I just don’t feel good to see when they catch it because the auction gets open up for everyone.

So far, they haven’t approved my comment on their blog but I have notified them about this post. Be brave to approve legit comments and have some courage to respond back.

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Konstantinos Zournas
6 years ago

I would like to hear what they have to say about this.

6 years ago

Good to see another guy in this industry calling out the system’s gamers

Btw they are Namebright….: what can you expect from those multimillions domain holders…people who catched almost everything during the last 2 years… ?

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

“…so their ethics are also under BETA and may change in future 😀 ”

Yes, we know it will change for sure, good luck 🙂

6 years ago

all Beta versions have bugs and it seems you were bitten here!

6 years ago

Don’t most of these domain auctions have lots of ways to make extra money? 😀

6 years ago

Thanks for the info, Also try http://dntoolz.com for domain auction,research,news update and sales records. Very good resource for domainers.

6 years ago

I have never tried dropcatch.com. Mostly been using snapnames , namejet, godaddy and flippa.com. Gonna try them after hearing on your site.

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