First experience, best experience using escrow

Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to share my new escrow experience which happened with Epik Escrow and it was outstanding and the service provided was out of the way!

I used their service twice in this month and the domains I acquired, some were from the recent acquisitions I shared.

After reading lot of feedback from domain investors at NamePros and was asked by Rob Monster (Epik owner) to try out their escrow service which I promised to try in near future when doing any private deal.

I’d a good conversation with Rob over Skype and asked several questions to clarify my doubts before giving a try and I was made fully satisfied.

When I initiated my first escrow transaction with Epik, I wanted to make payment via PayPal which I did by adding 4% PayPal fee. I’m sure many of you guys are aware that PayPal fee varies depending on the countries so in my case, the cost went little high due to which Epik received less than what they should’ve got. I mean they received less than what domain seller was suppose to receive NET amount. The surprising thing was Rob not only waived the escrow fee but the balance amount was also waived as as gift for me!

It was not the amount or escrow fee waived which made me happy because for both parties that’s just a small amount but the best thing was a good gesture shown by the owner of Epik who got actively involved personally in this transaction and he just wanted the transaction to close smoothly. You also get support which is not conventional and have team members from many different time zones so you don’t have to worry about it.

I was very impressed and did another transaction in next few days and this time added more 5% of PayPal fee which gave them only the NET amount which seller was suppose to receive and again no complaints by Epik!

Though I’ve moral responsibilities on myself and cannot leave it like that and asked him to clarify how much exactly % I’ve to add for future transactions so Epik can receive full amount including escrow fee so I was made aware that I’ll have to pay 6.5% in future if paying via PayPal (service). Since I don’t have friend and family option.

I would strongly recommend everyone to use their escrow service. I’m sure the regular readers know that I’m not saying because I received a token from Rob and this is also not a paid post as that’s not the way I operate my blog. But someone giving you outstanding service and asking nothing in return is the best thing you can get from any person. This rare quality really impressed me the most.

Feel free to share your experience(s) with Epik escrow and let others know.

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1 year ago

Thanks for this discussion.

I am very tired of, especially when buyer doesn’t acknowledge receiving the domain name and finishing up the transaction. They make me prove that broker didnt give other instructions to the buyer, so money is held. And I always set 1 day examination. I have also had super quick transfers with them…2-3 days.

So, after waiting 5-10 days extra, I wish to use EPIK or another alternative.

But, what Epik’s “normal” escrow fee?


Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
1 year ago

RE: Escrow. I always thought they could place a simple box within the initial instructions, for the brokerage company, to check off this is only 1 day examination and no other instructions exist.

I complain about 10-11 day wait at Afternic but Escrow can be worse.

My problem and question…does my domain need to be at EPIK for their Escrow service usage?

Keep up the great work AbdulBasit and thank you!

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
1 year ago

Thank you again and I pray that you and your family remain safe and healthy.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
1 year ago

I am pretty sure it is bots answering questions. They probably have a few humans on backend but front end is bots.

Sanjeev Tiwari
1 year ago

Awesome Article Bhaiya, 🙂 and stay safe!

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