How do you see it from your viewpoint?

Hi everyone,

Today I received an email which I wanted to share with everyone. Usually I don’t share any emails on my blog but this is an interesting one.

Email ID:

Subject: why did you do that?

Message: Hello Abdubasit

My name is Daniel. I am a domainer and I have a question to ask you!

About 2 years ago, you shared some very important informations on you
blog/website that had a catastrophic impact on the life of all

You said you wanted to help all the fellow domaines, but all you did was
making life difficult for us!

You shared the secret of how you buy domains and how you use

I have followed all the auction houses and since that day ( it is
amazing how it started precisely after that post ) the prices of domains
began to climb slowly up!

You turned on the light but for the wrong guys ( not for the domaines ).

Ever since that day, all the rich guys with deep pockets and all the
speculators with tick wallets began to understand how they should pick
op domains from auctions.

As a result of that, today a domains that use to cost 300/400$ In
dropcatch or SnapNames, is now sold for 2000/3000$ !! All that thanks to
you sharing the secrets of domain picking!

sharing that sensitive knowledge only helped the rich guys to vacuum
clean all the valuable domains from the auctions. so it was a huge help
to the Chinese domain investors with limitless amount of capital to
invest in domains and a knife in the hearth of people like me and
yourself who cant afford to pay several thousands for a domain.

So you some how punished yourself (and the other poor fellow domaines)
in favour of the rich Chinese/american domain speculators.

If you wasn’t lucky to sell that fucking for 375000$, today
you would be buying and selling domains for 200/500$! Allah helped you
to get success and as thanks, you fucked all the small domaines!

Now I have a question: why did you do that? was it to help domaines or
was it because you wanted to make yourself a name in the domaining

You maybe a good domainer but you do not know any thing about the rules
of business.

Daniel Sommer

I was caught in a surprise to read it because of several reasons. First, I didn’t know my blog is getting such a huge traffic that it can change the domain prices in the aftermarket. Secondly, just because I shared a great service DotDB, I don’t believe things can massively change as far as the prices are concerned because any sensible domain investor would use several factors in deciding which domain to buy, what maximum bid to give, whether to buy or not, etc. and not only rely on one factor in their decision.

Just recently I published a post about NameJet where I’ve suggested others never use it and given the solid reason behind that. As said in that post, I believe some people won’t like me sharing such things openly and there may be more people like Daniel who will not like this post as well.

But… I’ll keep sharing what I want to, as far as I think it’s helpful to others.

Anyone is free to get jealous, angry or be happy. Neither I can please everyone nor I plan to do so. I’ll just continue sharing whatever I think is useful for others on a larger scale.

How do you see it from your viewpoint? Feel free to post your comments 🙂

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1 month ago

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Jamie Zoch
1 month ago

The good thing in life, it takes situations like this to learn something. Daniel is a great example of a person displaying his OWN anger and trying to place blame onto other’s. Hopefully Daniel can reflect on that. Those are Daniel’s feelings, which he is entitled to but they are only his. Thankfully people kindly share knowledge with others all the time to help ALL grow, prosper and learn in the process. AB, thank you for being kind to others and helping. Just know that Daniel’s feelings are his own and should reflect on you. I appreciate you and for… Read more »

Manmeet Pal Singh
Reply to  Jamie Zoch
29 days ago

Agree wholeheartedly with Jamie as he has been sharing openly all these years and you shouldnt let these one off’s get the best of you Abdulbasit bhai!!

1 month ago

I don’t play the drop game, never really did due to my own reasons. I may someday (and at that time I will first hire my friend AB to teach me first) but not yet 🙂 Having said that I always appreciate appreciate Abdul’s writings, I can’t even wait to see his monthly reports because they are pretty motivating and full of amazing display of genuineness and humbleness of a great successful domainer. Many people with success like Abdul will get ego but Abdul is always helpful and humble. My view on this email is that Daniel is looking at… Read more »

1 month ago

There are lots of idiots like Daniel in the world. Stop, take a deep breath and smile. They’re fools and you will never be able to help them.

1 month ago

Well it’s sad … People like Daniel..should I say frustrated Daniel….disrespecting a great domainer.. Mr. Abdul basit was a great domainer… Is a great domainer and will always be a great domainer…

About Daniel… I must say Daniel should apologize to the great domainer..

Michael Cyger
1 month ago

Thank you for all you do, AbdulBasit. I benefit from your posts and appreciate what you do to help others improve their investing knowledge. Thank you for always being open and giving to others.

Paul Kapschock
Paul Kapschock
1 month ago

I bet you did not know the power you hold ??? Market changing blog posts.

With such power, I dont think DS knows who he is fooling with.

The ocean is deep 🙂

1 month ago

Who the F is daniel?

1 month ago

Abdul, I really appreciate that you are so honest and open about your approach to domaining. Obviously, some don’t agree. This industry isn’t a magic money maker. The more people that jump in, the more competitive it gets. What you do helps people at all levels of domaining to learn. Wish there were more like you!

1 month ago

Simply off base.

1) No disrespect, your blog is not that well known.
2) Many people knew of DOTDB and many other tools
3) Prices had been going up way before then.

1 month ago

AbdulBasit, I am very grateful for your contribution and honesty in your writing. I appreciate your stories and find them educational and motivating. Please keep up the good work. There are always going to be negative people who have nothing to contribute. Ignore them. I hope you have a great weekend.

Paul A.
Paul A.
29 days ago

Ignore and enjoy your life.

K.J.Haroon Basha
29 days ago

Disregard Daniel’s frustration. His is the story of sore grapes. Instead of criticizing you for the genuine tips that you have been providing, he should have applied himself and got succeeded. Only a lion can roar, others can only bark; and barking however loud may be, will not disturb a lion (AbdulBasit). Moved ahead, leave this petty issues behind.

29 days ago is very helpful, however it is unreasonable to think this blog is solely responsible for the soaring prices of aftermarket domains. These price increases are primarily due to the changes in the global economy that have benefited the domain industry in the short term.

Thanks for your great work, AB.

29 days ago

I like to learn from those who know more and for reasons that are to sell higher than myself, I do not care better for both of them, each one obtains its small or large profit as long as you get the investment made in a single domain to return in net and you can invest a part of your net income, it has always been like that. The markets for buying and selling are all speculative and in all there are rich and poor. As a sales strategist, I always look for the needs of consumers and companies that… Read more »

Domains Feast
Domains Feast
28 days ago

Well, I really admire your views and actions but since you hold at about 4,000 domains in your own portfolio which seems a lot indeed. My aim is only limited to quality & exact match two-word mainly COM’s only after my enjoyable reading all latest news & intensive research. Also, I only tweet 2 domains daily on Twitter with best Google images or news, thus limiting my portfolio to about 300 carefully selected domains. Again, I just don’t like these expired or meaningless dropped domains which are mostly past dreams really, especially when most of them are sold for ridiculous… Read more »

Matt Morgan
28 days ago

Hiya Abdul, how are you doing? I hope you are great. Abdul your blog posts and advice is very valuable for newbie domainers, amateur domainers and even professional domainers. You are providing your advice and knowledge to domainers for absolute free in these blog posts. Not everyone will like what you advise but they have a choice to ‘turn away’ your advice and Not use it correct? It is like products, some products have the bulk of their feedbacks as positive (5/5 and 4/5) but you still get the few minority negative feedbacks within them products right? (which are… Read more »

bilal elahi
27 days ago


Keep sharing
Forget this loser….

Your blogs and opinions are highly apppreciated …. by small domainers like me

26 days ago

Congrats Abdul! You made it. Your first shill. Kidding!—But your transparency refreshing; look up to how u conduct yourself. “Daniel” (if real name) is “Projecting.” Keep the work.


23 days ago

[…] it’s clear how the overall results are. Just to clarify this decision has nothing to do with this. I already made up my mind right at the start of last month about this […]

15 days ago

Keep Sharing Abdul bhai, we have learnt so much from you. I got to know about Dotdb from you and it has helped me greatly.

There are sadist people everywhere who keep finding faults in everything around them. Please ignore them and continue sharing …Thanks!

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