No Calculator Needed: 10% Commission, Free Flippa Escrow, Free to Relist



Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

There is some great news to share with you guys about Flippa. First up, I would like to thanks Flippa for becoming our latest advertiser and I am hopeful they get the best results out of it.

Secondly, I would like to share some exciting news which was received by Flippa:

10%. Free Escrow. Free to Relist. That’s it, simple as…

A lot of talk this week has been circulating about GoDaddy/Afternic’s new pricing structure.

Flippa Domains would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we’re keeping it simple:

As a successful seller, you won’t pay more than a flat, 10% commission – which includes Flippa Escrow!

Should your domain not sell the first time around, simply relist for free, or place in your Flippa Portfolio to await offers. 10% …Simple.


Flippa Android App Released!

For all you PC people (like myself), you can now bid, buy and sell on the go — Flippa’s all new Android App hit the electronic shelves this past week. Read more…

Additionally, you can also now buy and sell Android Apps in the Flippa Marketplace!


Don’t Forget: Relisting Promo EXTENDED through March!

Now’s the time to re-list any and all of your unsold domain auctions for FREE.

Simply navigate to an unsold auction & click the link at the top prompting to “Relist your listing for free!”

[This promo is valid for DOMAIN-ONLY listings, and through March 31st, 2015, Pacific Standard Time]


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Kevin Fink
6 years ago

Thank you, AbdulBasit, for including us & for sharing our latest blog update with your readers! We’re available to answer any questions at any time.

Domain Observer
Domain Observer
Reply to  Kevin Fink
6 years ago

Yes, simple is good. Is Flippa providing its own escrow service? If so, is it a “premium type” where both funds and the domain are kept in the escrow account? Thanks.

Kevin Fink
Reply to  Domain Observer
6 years ago

Thanks for your sentiments and questions.

Flippa Escrow, also known as PromisePay, holds the money as any other accredited Escrow service does; however, there is not (yet) a third-party domain-holding service in place. We are looking into this, as we do see the need.

Right now, payment is stored in PromisePay’s vault, and upon confirmation of seller transferring goods to the buyer, buyer releases the payment to the seller.

But the physical domain transfer occurs strictly between the transacting parties.

Domain Observer
Domain Observer
Reply to  Kevin Fink
6 years ago

Thank you very much for the reply. Very helpful. In my humble opinion, it would be a good idea to start the “Premium Escrow” for a larger deal like USD 10,000 and more if a full-scale provision is not readily available.

6 years ago

Never used Flippa, but thinking out trying it out. Sedo and Godaddy have been favorites but I think its time to look for other options too.

Kevin Fink
Reply to  DNsale
6 years ago

Connect with me via so we can strategize!

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