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Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Recently I came to know about new domain backordering service Looking at the domain, I thought the service will be from Chinese company and I wasn’t disappointed 😉


One of their representatives contacted me and asked me to try their service just few days back and since that time I have placed several backorders with them. So far no success but I have seen them catching few domains.

What I have learned so far is you may place backorder but will need to pay upfront which isn’t what I really like. One good thing is they offer private auctions and don’t let others to jump in at the very last minute. They need to improve their language interface because when I see the English version of their site, I still find Chinese language written all over. For example visiting the auction rules and FAQs page.

If you surf their site, you will find many .cc domains running in auction and it shows they are good at catching .cc domains than .com one’s. So far they are offering backordering service for .com, .net, .org, .cc, .tv, .biz, .me domains.

As they seems to be new in domain backordering, still they have more than 20 registrars offering a backorder service for expired domains. are quite affordable as they only charge as low as $20 per domain name. Their interface is simple and user-friendly.

You may also check the other domain backordering companies I have used so far.

Feel free to give them a try and let us know if you are successful in grabbing any domain with them.

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6 years ago

Been using them for a quite a while now, with little success. Now it seems the gig is up for me!. Interesting that they have now decided to go the auction route as when I was using them it was 1st come 1st served, same as backorder service. They also haven’t informed me that they moved the goalposts and gone from 1 backorder per name to auction format. They caught me 2 names out of probably over 100 attempts and these names weren’t exactly ones that would be desired by others. Transferring away can be a nightmare as I… Read more »

William Lin
William Lin
6 years ago

Thanks Abdul for the blog post and Bob for commenting, and thanks for everyone that is trying KQW service.

We have to admit that our management interface is half Chinese and half English, as we always adding new features and didn’t fully translate. To transferout, you can always getting a respond from us within 24 hours if you email our customer support directly.

Reply to  William Lin
5 years ago

I have tried to contact via their contact email for several days. I just wanted to confirm their auction system before I sent money to a random PayPal account. So far no one has contacted me back to confirm the site is legit.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
5 years ago

Just to follow up on my previous message. I was able to successfully purchase a domain via auction on The process is quite confusing, partly because the language/translation barrie, partly because a 20% deposit need to be paid before you can bid. The money transfer is not instant so you have to take a guess on the final auction price. Emails from iwentstaright to the spam folder which also caused a few headaches, but this is problem with GMail and not necessarily something the site control. I was able to get very quick support using the QQ International… Read more »

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