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Hello everyone,

I was actually suppose to publish a different post but had to make this one last time. The reason is I almost finished this particular post but put on hold when I knew that what I was going to suggest is already implemented just in those days! Happy to see what Afternic brought in and that’s a must have feature.

I would like to say that I’m overall very happy with the decision of moving all my domains to Afternic landers which started in January but I’ll not shy away for not sharing what I think is worth to be implemented which will bring more fruitful results for both Afternic and their clients. I like the attitude of Shane Cultra who openly says what he likes and dislikes about anyone, whether it be a service, company or an individual.

So today I want to share what Afternic should implement for the betterment of both Afternic platform as well as their users.

1) 2FA is a must which no one can deny and should be implemented. If somehow your password is leaked or device got hacked, it’s easier for the hacker to login and change the sale price of your domain and buy it. Especially with Fast Transfers enabled, the domain will simply transfer out of your registrar swiftly.

2) Another thing which Afternic is missing and that’s to bring in Payment Plan option. I believe this will skyrocket the sales for all the domain owners holding good domains with the right prices.

3) One more thing which can be done is with NS3/NS4 landers like for example, you’ll see sales lander. I think there should be a choice for the domain owners to either use this particular lander or have the same lander + BIN. In this case, the buyer who is not willing to negotiate and just wants to buy at the listed price can simply waste no time and hit the BIN and make the payment. And this should be made optional for domain owners to go with which option for their sales lander.

4) Another small change can be brought in is to release the funds in 2-3 business days after the domain transfer is complete instead of taking 7-10 days which is quite long time.

5) One small tweaking be made of allowing users to rename their payout methods as well as remove any which are unnecessary and no more required to be there which only creates confusion.

6) Last but not the least, since now I’m having 4,000+ domains in my portfolio, I receive domain reports every month from my Afternic Rep which is manually generated and sent to me. It would be really nice if this is made available in everyone’s account and whenever anyone is interested in to see the stats, can simply generate by it’s own. I’ve used several different parking platforms to date and if I remember correctly, one can download or check at the platform itself and see the stats. Also addition of traffic stats in the reports would be great and I believe it should be there so the domain owners can analyze the volume and other relevant data of incoming traffic.

Feel free to give your feedback as always and should you’ve any other suggestions to be mentioned, kindly do so.

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Robbies Blog
17 days ago

I agree – Traffic Stats would be nice to see, I don’t park at SmartName lander and instead have the For Sale Lander but that means ZERO stats, I never realised I could email the rep to get those numbers so I might request these now.

17 days ago

I think people are waiting for your July report:)

Ian Ingram
17 days ago

Excellent suggestions. 2FA, BIN landers and payment plans would be fantastic. I believe it was who used to offer an easy bulk redirect option to the Afternic individual buy now pages with one simple nameserver change. They shut down unfortunately, but this was before ns3/ns4 landers and it was nice to send visitors to those buy now pages without having to redirect thousands of domains individually. A couple other small things I would love to see GoDaddy implement: -The ability to camel case on ns3/ns4 landers – MinneapolisHomes vs minneapolishomes -If someone is viewing the desktop version of the… Read more »

17 days ago

Change the damn afternic name to GODADDY!! and get a better UI

16 days ago

The only advantage using Afternic is that the domains listed for sale show at GoDaddy were they have a huge audience.
That is all.
Agree with you Abdul on all 6 points.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
16 days ago

“”Why sell your domains on Afternic?1-Lowest commissions in the industry 2-Worldwide distribution through 100+ resellers 3-More fast-transfer enabled resellers than any other marketplace 4-75 million qualified searches each month 5-Highest average sales prices in the industry 6-Support of new gTLDs. See complete list.”” Here’s my answer: 1.Not correct.Uni 10% Dan%9 DomainAgents 0% 2.I already agreed on that. 3.I dont care for it and it does not work properly. I can do my own transfers 4. It is acctually number 2. which i agree. 5.No way to determine that.I would say Uniregistry.Sedo. Afternic does not provide data on their sales. 6.Sedo,Dan,DomainAgents,Uniregistry they… Read more »

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
16 days ago

Again,GD has a huge market.And no one is disputing the good name GD has established. Yesterday i listed at Afternic 570 names.Shortly i received an email that I need to confirm my ownership and accept the terms of the network and that I will be contacted shortly by email to opt-in the process. Guess what… that email never came and it has not come in the previous years.Im not even bothering anymore.The fact that only 20% of my .co names are showing at GD… don’t even get me started. Yes my .co do not show at GD and they are… Read more »

Reply to  Rich
16 days ago

I forgot one thing:today i received about 50 emails from Afternic “parking support” that the names were rejected from my account because they are all ready in my account.
Apparently they have a glitch in their system and i get these emails all the time when i list new names.

16 days ago

increase the number of domains from 50 to 500 for viewing.
Pending review names if clicked should show up
Export to xls or csv to be allowed from portfolio
Afternic – A godaddy company should be visible at header

K.J.Haroon Basha
16 days ago

Prudent advice to Afternic. Hope they will hear (it seems they already heard some). Thank you very much Abdulbasit for your thoughtful writeup.

Paul A.
Paul A.
16 days ago

All the ideas are great and will bring good results for Afternic platform as well as their users in my honest opinion.24 hours quick response may be included for more better results.

Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
13 days ago

Hey Abdul how are you doing? Hope you are well. That is a list of some great suggestions by somebody like yourself who is using Afternic, and whom can point out improvements. We can always improve systems and programs and people like you to give such suggestions can be very beneficial. And the best thing is you have used and tested this for many months from your experiments. Another suggestion that I would add to your list would be: 7) Add Abdul Basit to Afternics’ panel of “How to improve Afternics Interface” That would go down well. Keep up the… Read more »

10 days ago

i have quesstion for you mr abdulbasit , i am confused ! you advise us we to list out domains on afternic , BUT actually most of us list our domains for sales on afternic platform , but without pointing to the sales lander , is it useless if our domains not pointed to the ns3 and ns4 and we will not get good results , i mean you advice to point our domains to aftenic lander to achieve good sales ??? or just listing on afternic without poniting is enugh ??

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