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Best Backlinks Checker Website

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed yourselves. Let’s start this new week and new month with knowing the best backlinks checker website. All the findings below are my personal experience and you may agree/disagree with me.

I have been using the following backlinks checking sites for quite some time…


The above backlinks site are not in any order and are just randomly added.

Although there are tons of other backlinks website but I have been using limited sites to check backlinks.

Best-Backlinks-Checker-Website1) is nice website which gives you detail about the number of backlinks, referring domains, pages, anchor text, new and lost backlinks in recent times which helps you to determine if the number of backlinks are going away quickly. Stop and research more before you buy that domain. It happens that a domain has tons of backlinks but after buying it the number of backlinks has dramatically gone down. Sometimes those backlinks are paid one’s. As the time period gets over for those ads, the site owner removes it. Another reason you see the links getting removed is that domain is down for quite some time so no site owner likes to keep broken/dead links live on their site. One more reason can be the backlinks you see are from the sister sites of the past owner which has let his domain expire by mistake and eventually you grabbed it. Once he sees the domain is no more in his hands, he removes the links from all his sites. Are you getting my point? 😉 Well, there can be many other reasons you see the number of backlinks going down.

2) Next comes which is so far the best backlinks checker website for me. I have been using it since last year. If you visit this link which I have used as an example of my domain to show you the number of backlinks this site finds out. One of the best thing is the URL Rank which determines the rank of your URL on several factors and show you.

One more thing I like about is this site determines the quality of your backlinks. I will explain it in detail…

For example you check my domain in ahrefs for backlink check. And click on the Total Backlinks. That will automatically list the backlinks by Ahrefs Rank. Now I am not sure how much accurate is their ranking system but they display all backlinks by ranking. The highest rank of backlink is listed first and so on… And looking carefully on each ranked URL you will see their system is giving ranks properly and not randomly. You can also click on any backlink to see if your domain still exists or not. I have randomly checked many times and can find my domain all the time which Ahrefs has listed under Total Backlinks. You can also see the referring domains. I feel this site is accurately checking the number of backlinks on daily basis which can be confirmed here. This link will show you the number of new and lost backlinks for this particular domain.

You can have limited access to their features with free account and can subscribe to their paid version to get more access.

3) is not often used by me because of it’s inaccuracy. For example if you check the same domain for backlinks you will see huge difference between SeoKicks and Ahrefs. Comparing both these sites I find Ahrefs far better and shows more number of backlinks.

4) I was using in the past but not any more. I don’t need to write much about them because you will get your answer here. This hardly finds 3 backlinks. Thanks to them for at least finding 3 backlinks compare to over 1,000 backlinks found by Ahrefs for the same domain!

5) is powered by I feel they fetch the data from Ahrefs but not completely because if you check the backlinks for at you will find it fetches only 496 backlinks and leaves the rest for Ahrefs to find it 😀 So this shows inaccuracy and don’t give the correct results.

6) Last but not least comes SmallSeoTools which at first impressed me but later when I dig in deeply I found it’s not worth enough checking backlinks for my domains with them. For example if you enter the same domain it shows 200 odd backlinks which is far too less than actual facts. Now let’s take this example – If you enter to see the number of backlinks at it shows 216 backlinks but shows 1,070,000. Wohooo over 1 million backlinks for my website! That’s completely inaccurate. To verify simply click on the URL it displays from 1,070,000 and you will NOT find the URL on that page.

Although there are hundreds of backlink checking websites but I after using the above sites for quite some time I thought to share my experience with you all about them. To conclude this post I found the best backlink checker website so far and using it almost daily.

Feel free to share your experience and let me know what you think about my views.