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How many inquiries do you receive per month for your domains?

how many domain inquiriesThis is really one of the exciting question for every domainer. Everyone loves to receive inquiries and would like to end it successfully by completing the deal. Although most of the inquiries doesn’t go well. The main reason I have found is the inquirer never gets back to you after the initial email he has sent you. There can be many reasons for not sending second email.

The number of domain inquiries can vary from the number of domains and quality of domains. It’s the combination of both together. If one domainer has 1000 crappy domains and receives 5 inquiries per month compare to a guy who has 100 domains with same number of domain inquiries shows the difference. The guy with 100 domain is doing better in terms of receiving inquiries.

Currently I own roughly 200 domains and receive 15 inquiries on average per month. On one side I am reducing the number of domains and constantly drop them and the other side I am trying to focus only on quality .com domains which has increased the number of inquiries for me in the past few months.

It’s a different story how many inquiries do get converted into successful sales. That depends on the potential buyer and seller whether he motivated enough to sell or want to hold and get the premium price for his domain.

Any one would like to share how many inquiries you receive on your domains every month on average? And how many domains do you own altogether?