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2012 was a great year as I successfully sold several domains and hopeful to sell more in 2013 as compare to the previous year. I have been using one and only escrow service for buying and selling domains. No doubt that is the best company on internet – review, best escrow service, domain escrow service

If you are willing to buy/sell domains simply use this escrow service. Their charges are very nominal and customer support is just excellent. At times I need to call their support via phone and most of the time my transaction is processed much faster. In the last transaction which was recently completed, I called them so they can start the inspection period because I wasn’t getting any response from the buyer. Escrow did immediately and a day later my payment was released.

They even hold your payments if you like to do it. Simply send them an email with your transaction detail and inform them to hold your payment until you say so. I did it because at the same time I was completing 2 transactions and I requested them to hold my payment. Once both were completed my payment was released. I opt for check option so I would need to check post box twice which was far away from my workplace 😉 That’s why I chose to receive both payments together.

Recently I have changed my payment option to International Wire Transfer which I think is the best one who doesn’t lives in U.S. Normally it takes 2-3 business days to receive wire payment but for that charge me US$40 which is really fair. The check I used to receive was free of cost but it took 15 days to receive and next 40 days for clearance which was too much. Instead I am very happy to pay US$40 and receive the payment swiftly.

I would like to say big thanks to Escrow by saying what’s in my heart for them. I have been using for several years and proud to say you are the best escrow service provider. All my transactions were handled by your team professionally and swiftly. I definitely recommend every domainer to use who would like to buy/sell domain names.

I thank you for your all time support and cooperation.