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Andee Hill forms

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I just received press release from Andee Hill who recently left and starts her own company named with Gregg McNair. Below you will find the complete press release:

Andee Hill forms
The Andee Hill team of online escrow superstars!

AUCKLAND NZ: One aspect of the domain space that bridges the wholeindustry is that of escrow; and the one person better known than any other in that context is the former Director of Business Development at, Ms. Andee Hill.

Andee-Hill-EscrowHillMs. Hill has established the licensed international escrow enterprise, Escrow Hill Limited with the backing of long time friend and industry entrepreneur, Gregg McNair.

“When Andee told me she was thinking about forming her own escrow business I was immediately enthusiastic. I have a reputation of
connecting some of the best people in our industry and Andee is at the top both professionally and as an amazing human being,” McNair said.’s dream team includes Ryan Bogue as General Manager and Donald Hendrickson as Operations Manager. Both have
worked in the business of online escrow under Hill’s direction for over fifteen years combined. Together with Hill’s experience the new teamoffers over thirty years of online escrow experience!

The domain industry is undergoing incredible change and is positioned to provide secure, yet flexible, state of theart products and services. will be able to meet the needs of both past and future generations of domain buyers, brokers and sellers. Hill’s reputation as an honest, discreet and hard working professional will now aspire to a new level.

“During my fifteen years in this business, I have handled just about every aspect of online escrow. Regardless of my title, I have always
known that understanding the client’s needs and providing excellent and secure service is invaluable. I have been fortunate to work with the
industry innovator from day one. I have seen what works and whatdoesn’t. I have been even more fortunate to have created great relationships and trust with industry leaders. At I know I can do an even better job,” Hill said.

Gregg-McNair-EscrowHill“Gregg has earned a strong reputation for honesty, integrity and for successfully making businesses work. He also has incredible enthusiasm
and a heart for helping others. All are key factors in me wanting Gregg to support my endeavor at,” Hill continued.

McNair has assumed the non-operational role of Chairman, supporting Hill and her team with whatever it takes to build the best escrow business on the planet.

Marco Rinaudo, Founder and CEO of has been appointed CTO of Rinaudo, who has been a leader in the international hosting and registrar space since 1995, said, is formed and supported by the very best people in the
industry. Our team has built the most sophisticated on-line internet escrow platform, fully automated and with more advanced security
features than any other.”

More information:
Andee Hill +1 714-925-5731

I hope you find this news helpful and any one tries their service which is soon to be launched can update here.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day ahead! 🙂