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Announcing the New Bodis!

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As I published last post which was the first one of this year of my blog and I found it was the first post at for 2015 as well.

Today I received an announcement from Bodis which I wanted to share with you. Although I don’t use them any more other than parking just couple of domains because I find far better parking platform in all aspects. Even those 2 domains are banned with Google and for that Bodis suits better.

This year we’re starting things off in an exciting way by announcing the launch of the new Bodis!

The new Bodis is a result of years spent gaining knowledge and experience, countless of hours listening to our users, and putting our hearts, souls, and everything we have into making this the best parking service possible.

Here’s some of the notable improvements we’ve made:

-NET 7 payment schedule
-Fast support / ticket system – no inquiry goes unanswered!
-More control over your domains (option to disable ZeroClick, etc)
-For sale options:, Inquiry, Custom URL
-Advanced reporting
-Intuitive user interface
-Folders & search filters
-and more…

WAnnouncing-the-New-Bodis!e’ve also done a lot of soul searching and have decided to return to our roots and remain committed to domain parking only. This means our fixed price marketplace is coming to an end on February 1st, 2015. You can easily continue to list your parked domains for sale via Inquiry, Custom URL, or via our integrated option free of charge.
Lastly, we wanted to say that we have the next few months outlined and have more exciting features and positive improvements on the way!

We hope you like the new service as much as we do!

The Bodis Team

This news will definitely be good for those using Bodis as their primary parking company.