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Some funny domain inquiries I received in last few days

Hello everyone,

I would like to end this week quite nicely and share couple of funny domain inquiries I received over the past few days…

Some-funny-domain-inquiries-I-received-in-last-few-daysSome time ago I bought an expiring domain through auction… May be through GoDaddy Auctions if I am correct… So last week I was contacted by the possibly previous owner. Now here I am using the word possibly because I am not 100% sure if he was the real previous owner of that domain. So his initial email was in broken English so I will correct and place here:

“This domain is mine and i don’t understand why you propose it”

My response was simply to acquire this name please submit an offer. The funny part came in his next response:

“I don’t propose anything, because, it is my website name !!”

Hahaha. This was really funny reading out. He will not propose anything because he still thinks it’s his domain name. My response was very simple that sorry you are no longer the owner of this domain. The next response was nothing but silence πŸ˜‰

Second funny email was the inquiry about hotel niche domain. There was no message so I asked him to make an offer. There came the biggest offer of US$20 πŸ˜€

I politely told him that five figure offers will be considered.

His response was “hahaha”.

I didn’t respond him because I felt it’s time waste because that domain already makes more than double his initial offer every month. Normally I feel it’s good way to educate potential buyers but not to those who are not serious enough to understand what’s the value of domain name is.

I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share your views and any similar funny inquiry you have received over the time.

Thanks for coming and reading.