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Gambling content and domains can now be monetized through Google Adsense

Gambling-content-can-now-be-monetized-through-Google-AdsenseI am not sure if this is something new for you or not but I received latest newsletter from Google where it’s clearly mentioned that gambling domains can now be monetized through Google Adsense. Although I don’t buy gambling/alcohol/adult related domains for some reasons so this news is not of my interest but I thought to share it with you guys in case if any of you are unaware of it.

The ads will only show up for the publishers who have opted to display ads on their websites. Also the ads will show up in certain countries where gambling is legal and have no issues whatsoever. So as I live in Pakistan I cannot see the option for making it enable because gambling is not legal in our country. I think most of the people around the world won’t see the ads because gambling isn’t legal all over the place.

This must be a positive sign for those who currently own and invest in gambling related domains because that would boost them in order to make some extra money.