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Investing in hyphenated domains

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to discuss and share my experience about hyphenated domains. To be honest I don’t invest much in hyphenated domains. Although I have quite a few domains with hyphen but I really don’t like them very much because it kills the value as far as selling is concerned and lot of traffic goes to the non-hyphen version domain.

Investing-in-hyphenated-domainsIf you see a two word hyphenated domain with huge number of exact searches and high CPC I would still suggest to carefully analyze the domain before you make any final decision. Check the past domain sales of hyphenated domains where you will find the non-hyphenated version have sold for much higher so don’t get fooled by paying higher price thinking you can sell it for big bucks like the non-hyphenated sold in the past.

There are two main countries where you will find the end-users quickly for your hyphenated domains compare to somewhere else. Those two are Germany and United Kingdom. People from both countries love to buy domains with hyphen. They even buy 3 word domains with 2 hyphens in it. So long tail domain looks crazy to me with couple of hyphens in between. If you are planning or in the middle of buying some hyphenated domains than keep these two countries in your mind while making any decision. If the domain can attract those targeted buyers than it will be easier for you to sell the domain to an end-user.

Make sure you don’t invest in hyphenated domains with any lower extension like .net/.org. Stick to the basics. I mean the .com. Still it’s risky to invest in hyphenated .com domains if you are not buying the right domain at right price.

Personally I may have 4-7 hyphenated .com domains and if I remember correctly I have never sold a single one to date. Although I have received offers but none of them attractive enough to sell that domain.

Care to share your experience with hyphenated domains? Don’t be shy and feel free to share with us.

Thanks for coming and reading.