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I reached US$300 in domain parking with for January 2013’s been over couple of months with and the results are amazing. The revenue is going up and their sales platform is just perfect. It was nice little achievement to reach US$300 mark in domain parking which was for the month of January 2013.

My plan is to hit the four figure mark (minimum US$1,000) by the end of this year. Although this will happen only when I will keep on buying quality domains and getting rid of all crappy domains. Yes, I admit I have several domains which are worthless and will constantly be dropping this whole year as their expiration date comes.

For some it’s really difficult to hit the US$100 figure on monthly basis and there are some top domainers making decent five figures in domain parking every month. That depend on the quality of domains and the number of domains. I don’t compare myself to any one because I have very limited number of domains from which I will be dropping many as well.

I will keep you guys updated about my parking revenue every month so stay tuned and don’t forget to comment below.

So what do you think about my parking revenue for the last month? How much was your parking revenue and where do you currently park your domains?