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My hosting company since I started online business

Since I developed my first website I purchased hosting account with and have been with them for 8 years. There were many ups and down. Several times the server got down and had conflict with my scripts. Overall I would recommend every small businesses or start up who is willing to buy shared hosting package than is the best option to start off.

I have faced few major issues with them but one thing I really like about them is their top level support staff who is always willing to help you out of trouble and fix the problems. I even hosted one website with them whose traffic was once over 10,000 unique visitors daily with Alexa Traffic Rank of just 23k. It was huge and got few downtime but they increased the traffic limit, bandwidth, etc. So my website remain live without any trouble and many users that time using my forum asked the hosting company and I let them knew the hosting package was shared which was really shocking to most of them.

*Note* This is not paid post and I am writing this to let everyone know about one nice hosting company.

Would you like to share where do you host your website(s)? What package do you have and how much traffic load the server handle it?