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Great new feature at Afternic

Hello everyone,

As I was going through a post of Elliot Silver which was actually talking about DAN on payout preference and I ran into similar issue at Afternic last month when there were total 9 sales and several of them happened simultaneously. The problem started when I wanted some of the sales proceed through different channels like wire and PayPal. And since 2-3 sales proceed was supposed to be released at once, I’d no choice but to let it come via one specific payout method.

This month I come across a new feature at Afternic which is great especially for frequent domain sellers who’ve multiple payouts happening on regular basis.

Usually we all setup our payout method here under “Domain Sale Payments from Afternic” and can add multiple payout methods but when you’ve several payments coming on your way, you usually had no option but to receive through one channel.

But I noticed last week when Afternic added an option in every SALE. Below is the screenshot I’ve attached for you to check out. Click each of them to enlarge it.

Just under Non-US, Payout Information, you’ll see “edit”. Click on that link and this will pop-up which is in the below screenshot:

In the above snapshot, you can see I’ve several payout methods already added at Afternic and I can change it to whichever payout method I want to select. Even though the default payout method is selected which will always be chosen when you don’t change to any other method. But if you opt to change for any specific sale, you can easily do that from now on wards.

I received couple of payments when I tried this new feature and I wanted to share after I’ve experienced it. I really like this new addition of Afternic and it was a must needed.

Feel free to give your feedback about this feature and share your experience whenever possible.