My first domain sale was not a .COM!

To start from scratch I would like to share my first domain sale with you. It was August 2009 when I sold Argentina (DOT) .cc for US$740. I actually bought the domain at reg fee in December 2008. Not a big number though but still a motivational sale for a newbie domainer that particular period of time. As stated in my earlier posts I was focusing mostly on .cc domains so definitely chances were more bright for selling a .cc domain as compare to a very few .com domains I owned.

As everyone knows the excitement of selling your first domain name who have sold at least one domain name.

In my next post I will share my first five figure sale which was a more exciting to me as compare to my first domain sale because of the high profit I got through that sale.

Feel free to share your first domain sale along with the purchase price and selling price.

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2 Responses to “My first domain sale was not a .COM!”

  1. Saj says:


    First of all congratulations for your work and the success you got in this business. It’s always feel nice to see another fellow Pakistani doing great work in any field.

    I’m around your age and started work in web designing field since 2004/05 on local bases. I started working online in 2007/08 but never came across about this whole domain marketing or heard about these huge investments till 2009. It was quite new experience to read some information about it then but i always thought and felt that it’s beyond our reach to get success. And i still do sometimes even though i know there are quite few others doing great just like you. The main problem in my thinking is ways to get things a bit straighter when it comes to dealing with money.

    Paypal doesn’t support Pakistan. I had a friend in India who let me use his paypal for sometime and there was like tons of problems. His account got blocked several times and then withdrawing a very small xxx amount and sending back. I tried to use moneybookers but that didn’t help me at all for what i do. So i gave up on this whole idea. I thought i should just focus on what i’m doing – even though there is not much big bucks at all – but still a little bit decent way to support myself just by sitting on computer – compare to lots of other fellows who’s doing hardwork in real life.

    I would like if you could give me and all other Pakistanis out there some tips like how to get in this field. A first step maybe? Also some tips about buying and selling including payments methods which can be easily utilized to work out from here, even if a little bit.


    • AbdulBasit says:

      Wa-Alaikum Salaam Saj,

      Thanks for your comment and I really appreciate it.

      I hope you have read all my posts and can see the blog is recently launched. Right now I am on travel and will be back in action from the very first week of new year. I will definitely be sharing tips about buying and selling domains including the payment methods and escrow service to be used in completing the transaction swiftly without any hassle.

      Keep your heads up and bookmark this blog as you will be finding lot of information about the domain industry.

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