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recent-domain-salesHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As mentioned in my previous post where I shared parking revenue for October 2014, I promised to share couple of domain sales I completed last month.

First I sold for $4,500 which will be soon reported in DnJournal next weekly sales report. I bought this domain in three figs several years back. Transaction was really smoothly done and dusted. Previous to this inquiry for HomeBird which turned into successful sale, I had received a total of 14 inquiries. I never thought of receiving that many inquiries until the deal was completed.

Next sale was out of nowhere really. As you know at the start of this year I have myself stopped contacting endusers and wants them to show their interest in buying my domain. But previously I used to send hundreds of emails trying to sell my domain and one was for the domain which I sold for $2,000. I initially contacted the buyer almost 3 years back but the buyer wasn’t satisfied going through and wanted to send money through bank which was acceptable. Still they had problem and asked if they could send $1,000 in between the domain transfer process and remaining 1k after the domain is transferred to them. I refused and the talk stalled there. I tried to educate them as best and our discussions took place for at least couple of months but of no use…

Last month they came back and wanted to proceed with and I was happy to go ahead and finish off. Not a big sale but it was more of a surprise sale for me. Both domains were acquired some years back in three figs each.

Feel free to share your views on those sales and have you made any sales recently?

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8 years ago

Salam Alaykum,

Congrats for the Sale Bro, wish you many more to come… Keep it up..

Leonard Britt
8 years ago

I will agree with you that end user marketing often seems like a big waste of time. Despite all the hoopla about new GTLDs my view remains that most small business end users are happy with Facebook or Youtube accounts or reg fee quality domains.

Bitcoin Domains for sale
8 years ago


Not Big sales but really it will helps your upcoming renewal fees..

8 years ago

Assalam O Alikem. Congrats Abdul Basit

8 years ago

Congrats! I think every month you’re selling at least one domain right?
I like Both domains which you’ve sold and thanks for mentioning names. I think you should start targeting end user again as it proved successful here.

8 years ago

Whats your view on .org domains
8 years ago

Congrats again for both the Sales,
HomeBird is already Live, Business looks worth of what they paid for this Domain, Jyden Also Is Live now ( redirect )
Also your Big one which was sold for 3,75,000 USD is also live.

For Other Readers who dont know about this can refer:

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