Another mid four figure sale through

Another-mid-four-figure-sale-through-DomainNameSales.comHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As I promised in one of my previous post for sharing my next domain sale with complete detail with no hiding and here you go!

Couple of months back I won a domain for $224 and received some inquiries which were well below my expectations. However, last month in April I got an initial offer of $750 for which I countered with much higher price.

The person got back with giving me Estibot appraisal value for that domain which was $1,900 at that time. Here I am saying “at that time” because I have seen Estibot/Valuate changing their appraisal value for domains which get reportedly sold so they might change the appraisal price in future. Useless appraisal sites I tell you…

I informed the guy that people who have good knowledge about domains don’t take these valuation sites seriously. We have sold domains in five figures which these valuation sites have given $500. Also provided him the weekly sales report DnJournal and NameBio for past sales which can give better idea on value of domains.

A week later I sent reminder asking if there is any better offer he would like to present against my quoted price and received new offer of $5,000 which wasn’t bad for a $224 investment. I gleefully accepted the offer and initiated the transaction at

The domain was parked at for the last couple of months. Got 3-4 inquiries total including this one which finished as successful sale. The payment was made swiftly and everything went smooth.

So have you sold any domains recently? What do you think of this sale? Any questions and/or feedback is welcome 🙂

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Andrea Paladini
9 years ago

Congrats for your 5k slice of cake :D!

9 years ago

You should try It has much more listed sales than anyone else.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
9 years ago

Have you checked Stats section?

Enormous field for the research. They currently have 300k+ sales.

New tlds including.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
9 years ago

The are more like google interface: everything is done quickly in the search line.

Very powerful and gives you the flexibility. Then no need for mouse clicking.

Check the simple syntax here:

Mohammed Zaki
9 years ago

Congrats !!
For such a good sale .
Lets see what comes up on this Website in coming days
Thanks for sharing in Detail



9 years ago

Nice sale AbdulBasit. I’m a big fan of these type of brandable domains and I certainly think you got a great price for this one. Well done and here’s to many more sales in 2014.

9 years ago

Congrats on the sale!and Thank you for writing in detail about the sale:-)

9 years ago

Congrats on the sale. I need to realise when the buyer is offering a fair price, as on occasion I’ve turned down good money on the assumption that they’ll always be willing to pay at least twice what they’ve offered…a costly error from time to time. I’ve also noticed the offers and enquiries have been drying up on since the syndication with Godaddy ended and also since the new gtld’s entered the marketplace. At the beginning of the year I was recieving offers weekly and made a few early sales, but in the last few weeks hardly anything. I’m… Read more »

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